AmTrust Europe Limited

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AmTrust Europe Limited is the UK registered operating arm of the US holding company AmTrust Financial Services Inc. The European headquarters are in the City of London, although there are further group offices in the UK and in Milan, Madrid, Dublin and Stockholm. Group headquarters are in New York.

AmTrust became a publicly traded company in 2006, when its shares were offered on the New York Stock Exchange. Its growth was rapid, with record profits announced in April 2012 and by the end of that year it became the Fortune 100's fastest growing company in the United States.

During the same period, dividends declared by the AmTrust group have multiplied in value some twelve times according to the US Dividend Channel.

The group started out in life as recently as 1998 under the name of AmTrust International Insurance. An international underwriting subsidiary was established in Dublin in March of 2003 and just two months later also set up shop in the City of London, prestigious Lloyds Building.

Indeed, AmTrust Underwriting Ltd (AUL) was set up as a Lloyds name some years earlier in 2000. It markets AmTrust products in the UK only through locally based brokers, of whom there are currently some 1,200.

Access to UK insurance markets received a further boost when AmTrust acquired the British-based IGI group in April of 2007.

Insurance cover provided by AmTrust Europe Limited falls into three broad categories (described by their American terminology):

  • casualty - namely, various liability covers and professional indemnity;
  • legal expenses - for both pre- and post-incident occurrences, and commercial litigation; and
  • property - providing building and contents insurance for commercial property owners, caravan owners and landlords.

Landlord insurance

Landlord insurance is typically a specialist form of property insurance distinguished from other more conventional forms of standard home insurance by the fact that the landlord's business interest are also normally afforded a degree of protection by this insurance.

In other words, landlord insurance may also include a higher level of property owner's liability cover, employer's liability cover, and compensation for loss of rental income.

AmTrust landlord insurance

AmTrust writes insurance policies in the UK for owners of both residential and commercial property. The company prides itself in being able to offer a "blank sheet of paper" approach that allows customers to build up precisely the type of cover they require.

In the case of cover for landlords of residential property, the company provides cover for all types of tenant groups, whether:

  • professionals;
  • benefits claimants;
  • asylum seekers; or
  • students.

Providing cover for both residential and commercial landlords, AmTrust offers optional elements of insurance against:

  • accidental damage;
  • loss or rental income;
  • legal expenses cover;
  • property owner's liability cover;
  • employer's liability cover; and
  • acts of terrorism.

AmTrust may not yet be a widely recognised name in the UK, but the rapid and continued growth of this US multinational may soon make the name a household word.