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Aria Insurance Limited has until very recently traded under the Aria Assistance brand - which offers a series of emergency assistance products mainly covering motor breakdown, response to home emergency breakdowns, travel insurance and health assistance, including international private medical insurance.

The company is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and its registered address is in Hounsditch in the City of London. It also has main offices in Croydon in Surrey, Cape Town in South Africa, and in Dallas, Texas, in the United States.

Whilst the Aria name may not be immediately recognisable to UK consumers, the company was previously known as Europ Assist, a brand which saw motor breakdown and assistance offered throughout the UK and Europe for the past 40 years or so.

In April 2013, Aria Assistance was bought by the Collinson Group within its general insurance and financial services division. Since that acquisition, Collinson has set up Intana, to continue the delivery of assistance and claims services, and Astrenska, as a new general insurance company.

The Collinson Group is still in the process of migrating products and services previously sold under the Aria banner to the new brand, Astrenska.

In terms of its products related to property insurance, Astrenska continues to offer cover for emergencies in the home or office such as:

  • boiler breakdown;
  • drainage and mains service problems;
  • emergency plumbing cover;
  • electrical appliances and wiring cover;
  • pest control; and
  • security systems cover.

Landlord insurance

If you own buy to let property - whether residential or commercial - you are likely to have given serious consideration to the need for landlord insurance.

In much the same way as standard building and contents insurance for an owner occupied home, landlord insurance also offers protection against risks of loss or damage to the structure and fabric of the building and of its contents.

Landlord insurance, however, typically covers a considerably wider mix of risks, by dint of the landlord's reliance on the property as a business asset. For this reason, public liability cover, for instance, is likely to assume greater importance, together with the potential need for employer's liability cover (if employees are involved in running the let property business). Landlord cover may also often include protection against the potential loss of rental income following the business interruption caused by an insured event.

Depending on the type of landlord insurance chosen, the policy may also cover the legal expenses involved in evicting tenants or pursuing the recovery of unpaid rents.

Aria landlord insurance

As already mentioned, Aria markets home emergency assistance rather than full-blown landlord insurance. Emergency assistance may be useful to the landlord, but it is important to recognise that additional cover may also be required by the owner of let property.

Although Aria does not offer landlord insurance, however, it is possible that with the continued migration of the brand name to Astrenska, and the association with the Collinson Group's wider range of insurance products, that landlord cover may be included in the near future.