City Landlord

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City Landlord identifies its principal area of expertise in its very name insurance services aimed specifically towards landlords of both residential and commercial property.

The company was formed relatively recently, so remains quite small and independently owned. The website publishes a periodical regional focus magazine and the company has also been active on Facebook since July 2007. City Landlord’s head office is in west London.


Unusually perhaps, this insurance broker specifically declines to give advice on particular insurance policies, preferring instead to focussing its efforts on negotiating the best possible prices from a single insurance provider or underwriter.

By concentrating on exclusive suppliers in this way, City Landlord believes it is able to negotiate reductions in premiums that might not otherwise be available elsewhere.

Landlord’s insurance

Insurance for landlords typically involves considerably more than you might initially expect. Simple cover for the buildings and contents might suffice if you are the sole owner occupier of a residence, but this is unlikely to be adequate if you are the landlord. Indeed, if a mortgage lender is helping you to purchase the property, then landlord insurance rather than simple home insurance is generally a prerequisite.

If tenants are occupying the building, for example, the prudent landlord is going to arrange indemnity against the risk of damage to property or personal injury to those tenants. Claims arising from an alleged breach of the landlord’s duty of care may run to many thousands of pounds.

Property owner’s or public liability cover, therefore, is likely to be a particular priority for landlords, with insurance against claims of up to at least £2 million a typical indicator of the level of cover required.