CNA Insurance Company Limited

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In 1897 a company called the Continental Assurance Company of North America was established in the US city of Detroit to provide health and accident insurance to individuals working on the railways. The company subsequently merged with the Metropolitan Accident Company, moved to Chicago and changed its name the Continental Casualty Company.

The Continental Casualty Company acquired the National Fire Insurance Company in 1956 and the American Casualty Company in 1963. The merged entity was renamed Continental National American Group - now commonly known by its acronym, CNA.

CNA was formally incorporated as recently as 1967 and is currently 90% owned by a holding company, the Loews Corporation, which also has interests in hotels, oil and gas exploration, and offshore drilling rigs for oil and gas.

CNA is presently the 7th largest casualty and commercial property insurance company in the United States and employs some 7,000 individuals throughout the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. It claims a customer base of more than one million professionals and businesses throughout the US and the rest of the world.

Declared revenue for the year 2013 was $10.1 billion and invested assets are said to be $46.1 billion.

The CNA Centre in Chicago is a city landmark - a 600 ft. building coloured red.

CNA's European network covers Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland as well as the UK, where CAN Insurance Company Limited operates from offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Landlord insurance

Residential and commercial property ownership may be one of the most attractive and widespread forms of business. It involves many different types of business, from huge corporations to buy to let landlords of a single let property.

What each of these property owners has in common, however, is an almost certain need for landlord insurance.

This provides protection not only for the investment in the property or properties themselves, but also to the risks of business interruption and the loss of rental income - the very life blood of any let property business.

Further risks borne by landlords of commercial and residential property arise from their potential public liability and liabilities as an employer (if the circumstances apply).

CNA landlord insurance

As CNA itself puts it, property owner's insurance provides cover for more than just bricks and mortar. Not only does the company offer cover for material damage to buildings and their contents, therefore, but also to every form of business interruption on an all risks basis.

CNA offers its property insurance solutions to both brokers and commercial clients.