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For anyone who has ever been a student, graduate, member of a professional association, a British football fan, or a landlord, the name of Endsleigh Insurance is almost certain to be already well known.


For students, the reason is quite simple: Endsleigh Insurance was set up as recently as 1965 by former student of Nottingham University, Michael Jeremy Naylor, and from its inception became the favoured insurer for the whole of the National Union of Students within the UK. The connection with football and the appeal for landlords came somewhat later!

The name is believed to have come directly from the address of the company's first headquarters in the Bloomsbury area of London, although these were re-located to the city of Cheltenham in 1970. One of the motors behind the company's rapid rise to prominence is believed to be the youth and ambition of those early members of staff, determined to put the name on the map through novel methods of advertising and marketing that challenged the more hide bound approach of many other UK insurers of the time.

Sadly, Endsleigh's founder, Mr Naylor, died in a road accident in 1995, but the company continued and sought to take advantage of the burgeoning financial markets from a firmer financial base. It is a process which was to culminate in the sale of Endsleigh to the Zurich Financial Services group in 2007.


The connection with football, of course, stems from the fact that Endsleigh were sponsors of the English Football League between 1993 and 1996. the principal sponsor of shirts worn by players for Burnley FC from 1988 until 1999 and for Cheltenham Town FC between 1997 and 1999.

Landlords insurance

If you are a landlord or the owner of any type of buy to let property, there is further reason for you to be acquainted with the name of Endsleigh Insurance.

The company's website, for instance, is especially geared to owners of such residentially let property and offers practically immediate cover entirely online.

There are policies for small to medium sized property rental businesses or the option to arrange all the cover you need if your portfolio contains five or more properties.