Enterprise Insurance Company Plc

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The company is incorporated in Gibraltar and has been trading since its founding by Andrew J Flowers in July 2004.

The company is regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar which matches developments in UK regulations and legislation relating to the insurance industry. In this way, says Enterprise, the company is able to match the UK Policy Holders Protection and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

According to the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar , the company previously traded as IOMA Insurance Company Gibraltar pl, an associate of Isle of Man Assurance.

Enterprise Insurance Company Plc. aims to furnish flexible and customised insurance solutions to corporations, agents, associations and brokers. It is claimed that the company "thinks outside the box" in order to forge "cutting edge" solutions to meet the needs of today's market place.

The company is also a member of the Association of British Insurers.

Landlord insurance

Landlord insurance typically protects the owners of let property against perils such as fire, impacts, flooding, storm damage, theft and vandalism, resulting in the loss or damage of the structure and fabric of the property or to its contents.

Equally important, however, landlord insurance may also provide critical cover for the landlord's employer's liability if he or she employs others to help run the buy to let business and the public liabilities that go with the role of being a landlord. Some landlord insurance policies may also provide compensation for the loss or rent following the interruption of business caused by an insured event.

Enterprise Insurance landlord insurance

It is by no means clear whether Enterprise Insurance Company Plc. provides landlord insurance for the owners of let property in the UK.

The company claims to offer a broad portfolio of general insurance products, but no detail appears on the company's website.