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Contact Telephone Number: 0800 028 3336 or 01737 815 023

Inter Partner Assistance SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Assistance and part of the multinational AXA Group.

Inter Partner Assistance in the UK is based in Redhill, Surrey, although the multinational parent's headquarters are in Paris, where it represents the second biggest insurance corporation in the world, employing more than 100,000 people globally.

AXA Assistance was created in 1998, following the merger of two leading international assistance providers, UAP and Gesa Assistance. This was just a year before AXA's acquisition of the long-established UK company Guardian Royal Exchange.

Just as the name suggests, AXA Assistance operates a network of assistance centres helping to service incidents of loss or damage. Thus, the network operates in a support role, getting repairs or emergency attention to customers in advance of a claim under their main insurance policy.

The principle behind such service centres may be illustrated by some of the property-related services that may be arranged through Inter Partner Assistance. These include:

  • general emergency building repairs;
  • roofing;
  • glazing;
  • electrical work;
  • gas;
  • drainage;
  • pest control; and
  • lock replacement.

Assistance service centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the UK network includes almost 2,000 individual tradesmen - such as builders, roofers, glaziers, electricians, gas fitters, drainage experts, pest controllers, and locksmiths. AXA Assistance UK is responsible for ensuring that each one of these is vetted to check public liability, competence, health and safety awareness and free of any criminal record.

Landlord insurance

Probably the most fundamental element of landlord insurance is the protection of the structure and fabric of the let property against loss or damage. Not only does this help safeguard the landlord's investment in the property itself, but also offers protection for the premises that are the source of the principal income stream - rental income.

This dual aspect of insurance for landlords helps to distinguish it from standard home insurance, where the sole consideration is the protection of the building as a home, rather than a source of income.

Inter Partner Assistance landlord insurance

Inter Partner Assistance makes specific reference to the fact that the network of assistance centres in the UK may be tailored to handle commercial property used by small and medium sized enterprises and residential property owned by buy to let landlords.

It is worth mentioning once again, however, that Inter Partner Assistance simply operates the network of service centres and the insurance offered is solely for the use of such services. Claims arising from loss or damage to the property still need to be made against the relevant type of landlord insurance policy.

Although Inter Partner Assistance insurance for landlords may be helpful in ensuring that necessary repairs are made following any loss or damage, therefore, an underlying insurance policy against such loss or damage is still needed.