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Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd trades under the name Jelf Small Business and is part of the larger Jelf Group plc, which has more than 30 offices throughout England and South Wales. The group was founded in 1989 by its current Deputy Chairman Christopher Jelf.

The group’s founding mission statement included the twin objectives of building lasting trust with clients and providing them with advice based on the best expertise available. It is a vision to which the group says that it continues to adhere in its business relationships today.

Although the group’s head office is in Cheltenham, Jelf Insurance Brokers operate from headquarters in Bristol. Features of the landlord insurance services offered by Jelf Small Business include:

  • straight talking – to ensure that you know exactly what insurance cover you are buying;
  • jargon – is avoided in favour of the language you speak and know;
  • simple does it – by keeping everything simple, the aim is to get you a quote, accept a proposal and issue your policy within just a few minutes;
  • quotes are obtained on your behalf from at least seven of the country’s leading insurers – but your multiple quotes are set out in just a single form so that you can make the necessary comparisons with ease; and
  • provision of a dedicated UK telephone line, at the end of which is a real person speaking your own language.

Landlord insurance

Typically, no two landlords are alike – they have different needs and requirements when it comes to insurance. Not only may the size and value of their property differ, but so too might the number and type of tenants renting the property. You might be the landlord of a single buy to let property, or you might already be on the way to adding more properties to an existing portfolio.

When looking to arrange landlord’s insurance, therefore, you are likely to want cover that offers all the protection your particular business may need, but without any superfluous additions increasing the cost of your premiums.

Jelf landlord insurance

The core cover provided by Jelf insurance for landlords is the protection of the structure and fabric of the property itself against such major threats as fire, flooding, storm damage, or burst pipes.