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Methodist Insurance

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Founded as long ago as 1872, Methodist Insurance is widely recognised as the oldest of the various church insurers in the UK.

As with other church insurers, the principal founding objective of Methodist Insurance was the protection of its church buildings in an age when all were heated by stoves, fires or other potentially hazardous sources.

Other firsts

Methodist Insurance was also one of the first insurers to react to the Workmen's Compensation Act when it was passed into law in 1907 and provided legal redress for employees injured in the course of their work. The company responded by setting up an Accident Department to handle the increasing demand from employers to protect their liability for such claims.

The company was also part of a consortium of insurers appointed by the government during the First World War to offer insurance against aircraft and bombardment. They first claim under the scheme was made by a government minister living in Croydon whose windows were blown out during a Zeppelin raid.

By 1920, the company responded to the growing demand for public liability insurance by adding this string to its bow of insurance products.

Landlord insurance

There is typically a critical difference between standard home insurance of the structure and fabric of the building, together with its contents, and landlord insurance.

The latter includes a need to cover buildings and contents, but might also be likened more closely to business insurance, where cover is likely to be sought for potential losses of rental income following insured events, greater public liability protection and, in many cases, employer's liability cover.

Methodist Insurance landlord insurance

The company does not specifically market a product which it describes as landlord or let property insurance.

However, it does offer a Home Shield plan designed to provide insurance for both residential buildings and their contents.

Furthermore, and as already noted, Methodist Insurance has a long history in the provision of employer's liability cover and in public liability insurance - frequently critical elements of landlord insurance.

Its Charity Shield insurance, designed for charitable organisations also provides the type of cover typically sought by landlords - namely insurance for buildings and their contents, but also including clauses covering business interruption (the loss of letting or rental income or additional costs following an insured incident), public liability cover and employer's liability cover.

Although Charity Shield products are designed for charities and community groups, Methodist Insurance also arranges a variety of bespoke business insurance plans - combining elements of both its Home Shield and Charity Shield policies. Details of the business cover likely to be appropriate for landlords and owners of buy to let properties are available upon request - by post, telephone, fax or email - through the company's head office in Manchester.