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Simplyhealth claims a history of more than 140 years in the health care insurance business. During the course of that history, it has been known by a whole range of different names, which have been absorbed, transformed or otherwise merged into the structure of the company that operates today.

One of the first of these was the Manchester and Salford Hospital Saturday Fund (MSHSF) which was set up in 1872 to enable people to save towards any occasion when they might need hospital care.

This was followed in 1887 by a similar scheme called the Leeds Hospital Fund (LHF) and in 1922 by the Hospital Saving Association (HAS) – perhaps the first model on which today’s Simplyhealth is based.

The HAS was followed in 1935 by the formation of the Bristol Contributory Welfare Association (BCWA), before the creation of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948 seemed to spell the end for the need of these and similar hospital savings funds.

Despite the creation of the NHS, however, there remained an apparent gap in the level of services the state was able to provide. In 1972, for example, the HAS Charitable Trust was founded to offer enhanced medical services to member and to those in the medical profession, thus providing funds for a number of medical charities.

The health insurance group Medisure was founded in 1982 and MSHSF and the Healthcare Insurance Alliance merged to create the HealthSure Group Ltd in 1999.

The Simplyhealth Group began to appear in 2002 through the merger of LHF and HAS, with HealthSure and BCWA joining in 2005.

The Simplyhealth Group emerged as a legal entity in its own right in 2006, when it was also joined by Remedi and Totally Active, and in 2009 BCWA, HAS, LHF, HealthSure and Totally Active all merged to become Simplyhealth.

In 2011, Simplyhealth also purchased the dental insurance company Denplan and the health insurance business of Groupama.

Landlord insurance

Just as the term suggests, landlord insurance provides cover for owners of let property.

It is designed to protect disruption to the landlord’s business through the loss of rental income when an insured event makes the let property uninhabitable, together with safeguards against third party claims in respect of the landlord’s property liability or liability as an employer.

Furthermore, of course, landlord insurance also typically provides cover for the structure and fabric of the let premises in the form of building and contents insurance.

Simplyhealth Access landlord insurance

As both the name and the history of the company suggest, Simplyhealth Access is not in the business of general insurance – or indeed landlord insurance – instead offering a range of health insurance plans which it is claimed currently offer cover to some four million individuals.