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About Canopius

Canopius is a global specialty (re)insurer with underwriting operations in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Bermuda, US and Singapore. It underwrites through Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444 (managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited) and a US surplus lines insurer, Canopius US Insurance, Inc. 

Landlord insurance

Landlord insurance is a specialist - or niche - form of cover. It is similar to standard home insurance to the extent that buildings and (landlord's) contents are covered, but it also extends to such areas as compensation for the loss of rental income in the event of an insured loss, and to indemnity in the principal areas of public liability and employer's liability.

Landlord insurance, therefore, may be seen as a particular form of business property insurance.

Canopius landlord insurance

The company's insurance for landlords goes by the name of Resilet. Notable features of Resilet policies are:

  • cover for all types of tenant, but with a different excess depending on the category of tenant to whom the premises are let; for example
  • private tenants - excess £100;
  • students - excess £125;
  • benefits claimants - excess £150; and
  • asylum seekers - excess £250;
  • it may be worth noting that subsidence is a peril specifically included in Resilet's building insurance;
  • the premises are deemed to be unoccupied after 30 consecutive days of their having been vacated;
  • compensation for loss of rental income - up to a maximum of 20% of the total sum insured for the building; and
  • property owner's liability - up to a maximum of £2 million for any one claim.

Separate insurance is required if you need employer's liability indemnity.