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You might have thought about arranging insurance for your business, but just what does business insurance cover?

The official government website suggests ways in which you might look for an authorised insurer, but if you contact us here at UKInsuranceNET you need look no further for advice from a specialist broker:

Your premises

  • if you have invested in the purchase of your own business premises, it is important that these are protected by sufficient building insurance to protect against the potential major risks of flooding, storm damage, fire, impacts and vandalism;
  • as with any kind of building insurance, when you are looking for a business insurance quote to protect the structure and fabric of your property, the total sum insured needs to anticipate a worst case scenario in which the premises are totally destroyed and have to be reconstructed from scratch;
  • not every business, of course, is run from premises owned by the enterprise itself;
  • if you are leasing or renting the building, insurance of the building is likely to be the responsibility of your landlord, but you still need to establish exactly what cover may have been arranged, especially with respect to such features as signage and damage or breakage to any shop window or frontage;
  • whether you own or are leasing or renting your business premises you are responsible for insuring the contents – and, taking into account the amount you might have invested in equipment, machinery, stock, supplies and other items, this may also represent a considerable sum;

Business liabilities

  • if you are comparing business insurance quotes, you might also want to establish what elements of business liability cover you may need and which of them may be included as a standard feature of your business cover;
  • you may be surprised by the number of different threats your business may face in terms of such liabilities;

Public liability

  • as the owner of the business, you have a duty of care to ensure that no member of the public, customer or visitor to your premises is injured or has their property damaged;
  • if you are held to be liable for any such injury or damage, you may need business insurance to provide indemnity against a potentially substantial claim;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • if you employ others to help run your business, you are unlikely to have any choice but to arrange employers’ liability insurance to cover claims arising from employees who may be injured or who might have contracted an illness or other medical condition as a result of their employment with you;
  • with very few exceptions, the law requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million against such claims;

Product liability

  • you also have a legal obligation for ensuring that any good you sell – including those you use in the provision of any trade or service – are safe and free of defects;
  • product liability insurance is designed to protect you against such potentially crippling claims;

Professional and personal liability

  • whatever your line of business, you are expected to deliver the services you offer to a level and standard reasonably expected of someone in your trade or profession;
  • failure to deliver to that standard may expose you to claims of professional or personal negligence, for which any injured party may succeed in making a financial claim;
  • business insurance may help protect you against such claims.

In this quick look at business insurance it is not possible to describe all of the ways in which such cover may protect you and your business. For a clearer and more exhaustive explanation you might want to consult a specialist business insurance provider.