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If you want to compare business insurance, you are likely to encounter many different offers and quotations for many types of policy.

Indeed, you might find it somewhat overwhelming to choose just what policies might be most suitable for your own particular business and just what products are available in this niche sector of the insurance market.

To help negotiate your way through any planned business insurance comparison, therefore, you might want to take advantage of the specialist advice and guidance of experienced experts such as ourselves at UKinsuranceNET. Help is provided entirely free of any obligation or charge and may identify the most suitable policies at competitive rates.

Setting about it

In your search for business insurance compare those factors you are most likely to compare when buying any other goods or services – namely, what you get for what you pay.


As a business owner, you almost certainly want to keep any of your overhead and operating costs as affordable as possible – and this extends to business insurance.

But price alone is unlikely to be the overriding factor. Value for money is probably more critical and in the quotations provided by any specialist broker value for money is almost certain to be the guiding factor in determining a competitive price for insurance premiums.

That value for money, of course, is likely to be determined by just what you get in return for the premiums you pay. In the case of business insurance, the key elements of cover are typically:

Insurance for your business premises

  • if you own your shop, office or other business premises, the structure and fabric of the building itself needs to be insured against potentially major threats that may result in its complete destruction and need for reconstruction;

  • whether you own the premises, or are leasing or renting them, business insurance also needs to provide cover for loss, damage or theft of the contents – everything extending to the equipment and machinery you may use in your business, the stock you hold, supplies and materials you use and any other contents;

Public liability insurance

  • any customer, visitor to your premises or member of the public may be injured or have their property damaged during the course of your business activities;

  • if this is the result of some negligence on your part, you may be ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages by way of compensation;

  • compensation may be so substantial that public liability indemnity is typically set at £1 million or more;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • this is an element of business insurance you are almost certain to require – as a matter of law – if you employ others;

  • in order to indemnify you against claims from employees who may be injured or suffer ill health as a result of working for you, the law currently requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million in employers’ liability insurance;

Personal liability insurance

  • you have a general duty of care to ensure that any services you provide are delivered to the best of your ability and free of errors and mistakes;

  • personal liability insurance is designed to help defend you against claims that you have failed in this regard;

  • if the services you offer demand a particular skill or knowledge – if you are an accountant, architect or lawyer, for example – this particular duty of care is likely to require the protection of professional liability insurance;

As may be clear, it is not only a question of price, but a wide range of other considerations to take into account when making a business insurance comparison and that is why we are more than happy to help in your choice.