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Business Insurance UK

According to an official government report on the importance of small businesses to the UK economy, it is revealed that there are some 5.2 million such small firms in the country.

Their importance may be gauged by the fact that small businesses employ nearly half the total working population and generate about one third of all revenue in the private sector. An estimated 95% of enterprises in Britain today employ fewer than ten people.

Given these few statistics, it may be easy to see why business insurance for UK firms occupies such an important and high profile role in the market.

Although the principles may be relatively simple and straight forward, the practice of insuring your own business may be sufficiently involved to benefit from experienced and expert advice – help which underscores the importance of business insurance brokers such as those of us here at UKinsuranceNET.

To discover why business insurance occupies such an important role, it might be helpful to look at just what aspects of business life it typically protects and how it does so:

Protecting your business assets

  • business insurance may be applied to the protection of any business property you may own from such potentially devastating threats as fire, impacts, storm damage, flooding and vandalism;

  • even if you are leasing or renting the business premises you own, you may still benefit from the protection of business contents insurance to safeguard such items as equipment, machinery, supplies and materials, stock, work in progress and other contents against the risk of loss, damage or theft;

Indemnifying your business liabilities

  • business indemnity insurance is typically a special element of the overall insurance package arranged for small and medium sized businesses – and there are a number of potential liabilities which may need to be protected in this way;

  • employers’ liability insurance, for example, is important in protecting you against claims from employees who may be injured or contract an illness or other medical condition in the course of their work for you;

  • your indemnity against such claims is sufficiently important for liability insurance of at least £5 million is currently required by law;

  • professional liability insurance may also be a legal requirement if you are practising in business in certain professions – such as the law, accountancy, architecture or engineering;

  • even when such indemnity is not a legal obligation or required for membership of any professional association to which you may belong, there may still be instances where certain contracts you hope to secure specifically mention your need for the appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance;

  • public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but may protect your business from potentially very expensive claims from members of the public alleging your negligence as the cause of their suffering a personal injury or of having their property damaged;

  • public liability insurance for a business typically extends a minimum of £1 million of cover against such claims – and even higher amounts are by no means uncommon;

  • product liability insurance may be necessary to protect yourself from claims by customers that products you have sold or otherwise supplied in the services you delivered were the cause of injury or property damage.

Business insurance plays an important role in protecting the many millions of the UK’s small businesses – safeguarding not only their business assets but also a wide variety of liabilities they may face.