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Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner, the margins which make the difference between success and failure are likely to be fairly tight.

The balance of those scales is likely to be tipped in an especially adverse fashion if your business succumbs to some of the most common risks associated with liability claims or other loss or damage to its assets.

For that reason, you might consider small business insurance to be essential. What is it that makes this cover such a critical arm in safeguarding your enterprise and what is small business insurance in the UK likely to cover?


  • the moment you set up in business, you assume a number of important responsibilities and your failure to exercise them properly may leave you liable to claims of negligence and an order to pay a hefty settlement by way of compensation;

  • when considering any small business insurance quotes, therefore, you might want to consider the effectiveness of the cover offered in protecting you against such claims;

  • here at UKinsuranceNET, for instance, we are able to arrange insurance against the principal liabilities and risks faced by any small business;

Public liability insurance

  • any customer, visitor to your shop, salon or other business premises, or any member of the public might suffer an accidental injury or have their property damaged;

  • in that event, the injured individual may hold you and your business in breach of the relevant duty of care, hold your business liable and sue for very substantial damages;

  • any such claim may threaten the continued financial viability of your small business, so an insurance indemnity might well be considered essential;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • indeed, the need for insurance against similar claims from anyone you might employ is not only essential, but a legal requirement;

Professional liability insurance

  • depending on your particular type of business, you may also be at risk of claims alleging your professional liability if the service you offer falls short of the standard reasonably expected of anyone in your trade or profession;

  • professional liability claims may be a risk for certain businesses in particular, where advice, guidance and judgment is especially critical – in the case of lawyers, accountants, engineers and management consultants, for instance;

  • in certain walks of life, professional liability insurance is a legal requirement or is necessary for membership of the relevant professional body;

Product liability

  • your business also has a responsibility for ensuring the safety and fitness for purpose of any products you sell or use in the services you provide;

  • product liability insurance is designed to help protect you against the financial consequences of such claims;

Insuring your business premises

  • finally, business insurance typically embraces cover for the premises from which you operate and the contents therein;

  • if you are renting the premises, your landlord is typically responsible for insurance of the building, but you still have an interest in safeguarding fixtures, fittings, signage and any investment you may have made in presenting your business through its shop front.

Subject to some particular rules, there is no strict legal requirement for you to have small business insurance (but if you have mortgaged the premises, then you may typically need buildings insurance as part of your mortgage agreement), but it might be seen that such cover might protect your business from a wide range of potentially very damaging threats.