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Takeaway Insurance

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Takeaway Insurance


Do you own a takeaway restaurant? Then takeaway insurance may typically be necessary to ensure that you and your livelihood are adequately protected against a number of risks and hazards.

With our help here at UKinsuranceNET, we may potentially save you money on the cost of the protection you need with our takeaway insurance.

Why do you need takeaway insurance?

Takeaway insurance can cover a wide range of fast food outlets such as fish and chip shop insurance, pizza restaurant insurance and kebab shop insurance.

If you own the premises from which you are running your takeaway, the need for insurance might be obvious – you want to protect the building itself against a wide range of risks and perils.

Any one of these might lead to the total loss of your premises – resulting in the need for complete rebuilding – but in any event may involve expensive repairs which your business may well not afford. Consider, for example, just some of the following risks:

  • fire, explosions and earthquakes;

  • smoke damage;

  • flooding;

  • storm damage;

  • impacts – from falling trees, aircraft or vehicles;

  • vandalism; and

  • theft.

But buildings insurance is likely to be only part of the story. Whether you own the premises, lease them or rent them, there are still many physical risks threatening loss or damage to such valuable items as the fitting, fixtures and equipment you have installed to run the business, let alone the finance tied up in the stock you carry.


The risks and perils are not done there. You have a general duty of care towards your customers, other visitors to your premises and general members of the public to safeguard them from injury or damage to their property. If you are held negligent in this regard, you might be facing very substantial claims for compensation.


If you employ anyone else to help run your takeaway, you are almost certain to need employer’s liability insurance – up to a legally required £5 million to cover the possibility of their being injured or contracting an illness or other medical condition during because of their employment in your takeaway.

A further responsibility towards your customers relies upon your providing food that is fit to eat and does not result in their falling ill as a result. Product liability cover may help you meet claims arising from such events.

What you need to know when buying cover

Some questions are likely to arise if you are running your takeaway from leased or rented premises.

In that case, it is customary for your landlord to arrange the necessary building insurance. Whilst this may save your having to arrange that element of cover yourself, it is important to find out just what is covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.

Although the structure and fabric of the building may be covered, for instance, you may still need to arrange insurance for such items as fixtures and fitting, displays and signage.

Why choose us?

At UKinsuranceNET we have experience in arranging many forms of business insurance, including that for takeaways.

You may rely upon our finding the cover suitable for the particular needs of your business – and at a price you are likely to find competitive.