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Commercial buildings insurance


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  • Option to pay monthly - helping your cash flow
  • All types of buildings & businesses covered including unoccupied
  • Public & Employers liability as standard
  • Loss of rent for up to 25% of the sum insured
  • Cover for fire, theft, vandalism, storm damage
  • Business interruption cover as standard

Commercial buildings insurance

 Commercial buildings insurance may play a vital role in protecting and safeguarding your investment in commercial premises – whether you use them as a base from which to conduct your own business or let or lease the property to tenants.

So that your investment is able to work its hardest for you, reducing the cost of its maintenance and running costs is clearly important. For that reason, you are likely to want to make sure that your insurance not only provides the cover you need, but that the price is competitively comparable with the many products on the market.

Why do you need commercial buildings insurance?

The need for the protection this kind of insurance may bring is because of the number and potential scale of the risks and perils which threaten it damage – or, in the worst of cases, result in the premises’ being so seriously damaged that they need to be rebuilt.

Therefore, the total building sum insured typically anticipates this worst case scenario based on the estimated rebuilding costs. These are different to the price you may have paid for the buildings and different again to the current market value. Rebuilding costs change over time so it imperative you bear this in mind when arranging cover.

As the owner of commercial buildings you face more than the risk of physical loss or damage.

You also owe a duty of care to any visitor to the premises or any member of the public to take all reasonable precautions to prevent their being injured or having their own property damaged. Public liability insurance, as your protection against such claims, is likely to form an important component of any commercial buildings insurance and typically provides at least £1 million of indemnity – and frequently more.

What you need to know when buying cover

When buying cover, you need to know and understand precisely what protection is afforded by the insurance.

If you are the landlord and letting the premises to another business, for example, does the cover you are buying also include the necessary defences against your particular liabilities as a landlord? A landlord has specific responsibilities and a duty of care towards the tenants of the property and if any is injured or has their property damaged, you may face stiff claims for compensation. Landlord’s liability insurance is designed to provide an indemnity against such claims.

Why choose us?

There are a number of attractions and added benefits in arranging your commercial buildings insurance with us here at UKinsuranceNET.

If the premises are used for the conduct of your own business and an insured event temporarily prevents your access to the building, you may be reassured by the compensation for business interruption that is available.

If the occupants of the building and tenants and there is a similar event, you are also entitled to substantial compensation for loss of rental income.