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2nd Home Insurance

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  • Accidental damage included as standard for owner occupiers
  • Unique second home insurance schemes
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2nd Home Insurance

 Do you own a holiday home? Does it serve as your home away from home? Does it offer a welcome break away from your permanent residence – a place to relax or simply to provide an alternative base if you happen to be working in another part of the country? Is it, in short, your second home?

 If the answer is yes to any of these, then you might well be looking for 2nd home insurance.

Why do you need 2nd home insurance?         

 You are probably aware of the need to arrange insurance for the home in which you live – at the very minimum, it is likely to cover protection against loss or damage to the structure and fabric of the building, its contents and your liabilities as the owner of the property.

If the property is not your principal place of residence, but a 2nd home, however, this standard form of home insurance is unlikely to afford the protection you need.

 Any insurers concern is simply about risk – and the fact is that the typically insurers assessment of the risks faced by a 2nd home are qualitatively different to those faced by a property continuously inhabited by its owner occupier.

 At the heart of this calculation is the way in which the insured risk is used.

Insurers are likely to take into account, for example, the fact that a second home may be left empty and unoccupied for significant periods of time or that there may be occasions when these times are filled by temporary lets to paying guests or tenants.

 For reasons such as these, the risks faced by a 2nd home are likely to be assessed in a quite different way to any other property – and the insurance required needs to address those special circumstances.

What you need to know when buying cover 

 Just as no two 2nd homes are identical, no two individual owners are likely to have the same needs and requirements.

What you need to know above all else when arranging your 2nd home insurance, therefore, is that it provides the cover you require and is sufficiently tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Key to the cover you are likely to need, for instance, is sufficient insurance to protect the building and its contents against major threats from fire, flooding, impacts, storm damage, vandalism and theft.

You might also need to know the amount of property owner’s insurance included in your policy – especially if you are planning to let your home from time to time to temporary paying guests.

Why choose us?   

By choosing us here at UKinsuranceNET, you may be assured of the personal attention and service that aims to get to the very heart of your individual insurance needs.

Only then are we able to match your needs and circumstances to the specific products available in this niche of the insurance market and ensure that you receive good value for money by way of a competitive quote.

Our aim is to find you comprehensive cover at an affordable price.