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  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Alternative accommodation provided
  • Insurance for claims up to £500
  • Heating cover (boilers up to 15 years old)
  • Covers plumbing failure leading to damage to the home
  • Nil Excess

Home emergency cover

 Even the best run households have their emergencies – and these have the uncanny knack of occurring just when you least need them. The central heating boiler might break down in the middle of winter, leaving you shivering in your own home, or the drains might get blocked and backed up on the eve of a visit by house guests.

The damage caused by a number of emergencies – such as a burst pipe, say – may be covered by your home insurance, but by then the damage has already done its worst and the insurance doesn’t necessarily cover the cost of the necessary repairs.

That is when home emergency cover comes to the rescue.

What is home emergency cover insurance?

Though your regular home insurance offers essential safeguards against loss or damage, it is unlikely to offer any assistance in the immediate aftermath of emergencies following the complete breakdown of systems such as your central heating system, failure of the entire electrical network in your home, or the uncontrollable escape of water.

These are the emergencies where home emergency cover is designed to step in, so that you may arrange immediate steps to protect the safety of all occupants of your home and to prevent the crisis from causing even more extensive loss and damage.

Why may you need home emergency insurance cover?

Our specialist domestic emergency cover does just what it says – it rises to the occasion of many a domestic emergency, to ensure your own safety and to protect your home against likely damage.

To do this, home emergency insurance addresses seven of the most critical events which are likely to demand immediate attention and remedial action, such as:

  • an emergency caused by, or the breakdown of, the domestic electrical wiring supply;

  • the breakdown or failure of the hot water or primary heating system in your home;

  • failure or damage to the drainage or plumbing system – which may lead to further loss or damage being caused;

  • the failure of or damage (caused by others) to the locks, windows or doors – leaving your home insecure;

  • fresh infestations of vermin, such as rats, mice, cockroaches, and wasps or bees’ nests;

  • damage to the roof of your home – caused either by storm damage or by falling trees and branches; and

  • the cost of overnight accommodation if the emergency leaves your home uninhabitable until immediate repairs have been made.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

The home emergency assist package we have formulated offers this whole range of immediate-response safeguards, that you may call into action the moment it’s needed, as simply as:

  • calling our 24/7 helpline for advice on what action you might take straight away;

  • receiving one of our authorised service agents or contractors in your home as soon as possible – or at a time which is convenient for you; and

  • receiving compensation for the cost of the emergency assistance that has been provided under the terms pf your home emergency insurance policy.

If you have a home emergency, in other words, we are here to fix it, keep you safe and prevent further loss or damage to your home.