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Listed Buildings Insurance In Northern Ireland

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Listed Buildings Insurance In Northern Ireland

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Non-Standard Home Insurance In Northern Ireland

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  • Up to £10M Liability Cover
  • Cover available for Non-Standard construction
  • Unique and exclusive insurance schemes
  • Cover for every grade of listed building.
  • Defaqto 5 Star rated cover
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Listed buildings insurance in Northern Ireland

The process of formally listing buildings of special architectural or historic interest began somewhat later than in the rest of the UK, with the first listings in the Province made by the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order of 1972.

The listing of architecturally and historically important buildings in Northern Ireland is performed by the Historic Environment Division of the Department for Communities on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive.

Why do you need specialist listed buildings insurance in Northern Ireland?

The need for specialist listed building insurance is already suggested by the fact that the designation of buildings of special architectural or historic interest is conducted purely in the context of Norther Ireland’s planning laws and regulations.

These are different to those which hold sway in the rest of the UK – and illustrated not least by the particular categories of designation employed in Norther Ireland:

  • Grade A buildings, for example, are those which have the greatest architectural and historic importance to Northern Ireland and which have been little altered since they were first built;

  • Grade B+ designation is for buildings that have exceptional exterior or interior features, or reflect environmental qualities above and beyond those demonstrated by Grade B1 listed buildings;

  • Grade B1 is reserved for buildings which are good examples of a particular style or period of architecture and which may have been altered to some degree but which continue to have interior features of exceptional interest or quality; and

  • Grade B2 for all other buildings of historic or architectural significance, but which retain only a few of their original attributes after some degree of alteration.

Listed building insurance for your home in Northern Ireland

Insurance for listed buildings in Northern Ireland needs to take into account these locally specific designations and the planning environment which constrains and limits the ability to alter, repair or reinstate a listed building which you may own as your home.

Where listed building insurance is already a niche product, listed building insurance for your home in Northern Ireland is a still more specialist product reflecting the particular, local planning constraints and demands of the Province.

These are the constraints and restrictions likely to impact on the scale and nature of any claims you may need to make following loss or damage to your listed property and, so, specialist insurance needs to reflect the likely extent and cost of any repairs or reinstatement.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

The more particular and demanding any kind of property insurance, the more likely you are to insist upon top-quality, reliable cover that provides the fullest possible safeguards against all the risks faced by your listed home in Northern Ireland and the building’s contents.

To ensure that we meet those demands, we have secured insurance policies of the highest order and standing, recognised by the 5-star rating of each product by the leading insurance industry specialists Defaqto.

Our first-class product is delivered to you with an excellence in customer service that we have made it our mission to meet. It is a level of service designed to ensure that you receive highly personalised, individual attention to your every insurance need for your property in Northern Ireland.