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What does landlords insurance cover?

Whether it is motor insurance, standard home cover or insurance specifically designed for the landlords of buy to let property, there are many different providers in the market and each policy is likely to vary considerably in the range of risks covered.

When it comes to landlords insurance, however, here at UKinsuranceNET we take pride in providing a specialist service to let property owners, with an ability to identify the particular needs and requirements of individual landlords and match these to the most appropriate kind and level of insurance.

A bespoke policy, that meets the needs and requirements of the individual landlord counts for more, in our opinion, than a generic or one size fits all solution - even in those cases where specialist cover or otherwise difficult to arrange cover may cost just a little bit more.

The following are just some of the features that help mark us out from many other products for landlords:

  • far from being restricted to the conventional type of house, our policies are appropriate for flats (both freehold and leasehold), purpose built apartments or conversions, maisonettes, bedsits and even mixed-use premises (say, where there is a shop on the ground floor and a let flat above it);
  • building cover typically includes protection against the risk of subsidence as a matter of course, but this may be excluded in order to secure lower premiums, if you feels that such a problem is unlikely to affect you;
  • whereas many buy to let insurance policies may restrict the type of letting to tenants who are professional people in full-time employment, our policies to continue to provide cover whether tenants are professionally employed, retired, unemployed, students, asylum seekers or benefits claimants;
  • our clients are able to choose whether to include full accidental damage cover as standard or to limit that cover to elements such as damage to fixed glass, bathroom and toilet fittings, and drain covers;
  • malicious damage caused by tenants may sometimes prove an uncertain area and one which many insurers simply fail to cover - unlike all of our policies which include cover for malicious damage, offering various levels of excess;
  • landlords or property owners liability indemnity typically forms a central part of landlords insurance - including ours - in order to protect you against claims from tenants or members of the public who suffer loss or damage to their property or sustain personal injury, claiming negligence on your part as the property owner;
  • landlords liability cover for up to £2 million is the standard ceiling, although the option to increase this to up to £5 million is also available;
  • employer's liability insurance is almost certain to be a legal requirement - with cover up to a minimum £5 million - if you employ others to help run your buy to let business;
  • we aim to keep premiums at a competitive rate and offer up to 45% no claims discounts, discounts on second or multiple buy to let properties and other introductory discounts of up to 10%.

At UKinsuranceNET, we treat every client as a special case, identifying the particular needs and circumstances of the individual landlord in order to identify the most suitable insurance cover at a competitive price.