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Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Are your Christmas ornaments looking a bit dated? When you visit your friends’ houses, do they seem to have themselves together with a modern and new look, but you don’t have clue how to bring it into your home?

Well, it’s not as hard as you think. It’s all about, out with the old, and in with the new. Some of us hold a bit of sentimental value to our decorations, whether the children made them when they were younger or you bought them on a special holiday, and a keeping a few of these is great, but if you don’t have a colour scheme to stick too, then it’s just not going to look organised.

Step 1- Colours

Whatever you’ve decided you’re going to put up in your house this year, having a colour scheme is essential. Most of us usually got for the festive red and gold, but depending on your regular décor this doesn’t always look best.

If your home is very modern you can try these combinations-

Silver and Gold

White and Silver

White and Red

Black and Gold

Don't just try changes the colour of your decorations either, some modern homes are using white and black trees rather than the traditional green. 

If you have more of a traditional home- wooden floors, big fireplace or busy patterns, you could use some of the following colours. 

Red and Green


Red and Gold


Green and Gold




Step 2- Themes

With so many Christmas decorations around at the moment, we sometimes want a bit of everything. Ideally we should stick to one group that we associate with Christmas.


The shops are filled with new styles of baubles, new colours, and new materials. Reindeers aren’t on a sleigh with red noses anymore; they’re delicate stag ornaments that can be used all year round. It’s all about staying classy, so if you’re someone who likes a bit of Christmas cheese, it may not mix well with these new styles.

Modern designs are about minimalism; decorate with Christmas foliage like holly and mistletoe to bring a bit of Christmas life without overwhelming your modern scheme. Another idea could be to use frost spray to create a frosty effect on your ornaments without overdoing it. If your tree is the most adventurous you like to go with your Christmas theme, think about decorating behind the tree and create a background. You could decorate the wall with snow flakes and lay white sheets down to have a Christmas corner where the rest of your house is minimalistic.

Remember that you don’t need to confine your Christmas lights to your tree. A great idea to really warm up your living room is to line the lights around the floor at the edge of the room and create a lovely Christmassy glow.



Tinsel gets a lot of stick these days, but it can be used effectively. New tinsel is much thicker and durable, maybe you should try leaving it of the tree this year and wrapping it around the staircase and other sleek objects around the house. This can bring that classic Christmas cheer into your home but stop it looking tacky.

Some of us get that same singing Santa out every year and sit him by the fireplace, and that’s great, but it’s maybe not what the younger generation enjoy.  If this is your thing, then try not to overdo it. Have your main focal points such as Santa and a Snowman but keep the rest of your decorations plain so that it doesn’t become over powering. How about a beautiful paper wreath in subtle shades that makes a refreshing, delicate change from more traditional heavy foliage. You may also like to read- Make your own Christmas Wreath and Make your own Christmas Baubles.

What would Christmas be without Crackers? We usually pop a few around the dinner table or stuff them somewhere in the tree, but why not use them to decorate the house? You could string them together and create a garland or place them around individually on the edges of mirrors and windowsills.

Baubles, no matter what theme you go with, I think it’s safe to say that we all use baubles. These can be interpreted for any of the above themes. Maybe don’t just hang them on your tree; you could place them in a jar or birdcage as a centre piece. What about Giant Baubles? Instead of a garland or hanging foil stars, have a look for giant baubles to hand around the house for a classic but updated Christmas theme.



For those of you who prefer to fill your home with Christian celebrations, there are also a lot of modern ornaments that you can introduce. Nothing beats the classic nativity, but you can buy a range of crosses and stars that remember the birth of Christ in a new and stylish way that compliments your home.  Unite rustic wood, aged metal and glitter can be a great religious update on the traditional side. Religious themes often look great with the use of candles to replicate a church. You could try using a cake stand to show of your tea lights in a modern and stylish way.

No matter how you’re thinking of decorating your home this year, you want to enjoy it. You can use the ideas above or just change small parts of your home. Either way, Christmas is about being happy, so if you can’t afford to go crazy with your decorations, remember, minimalism is modern.


When putting lights up outdoors remember to stay safe and read our Helpful Hints to Stay Safe guide, this will help you keep your home and family safe especially at this time of the year when your homes are potentially filled with presents and expensive item at this time of the year. Don’t put up any decorations that can damage the fixtures and turn off all of your lights early to allow them to cool before the night-time to avoid a fire.

Give us a call to discuss extending your policy to cover the cost of your Christmas gifts and have some extra security this year. For more great ideas for your home this Christmas, stay updated and follow UKinsuranceNET on Facebook and Twitter.


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