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Home renovation insurance FAQs


When am I likely to need home renovation insurance?

If you are intending to spruce up your home – whether that is your main residence, a second home, or one you let to tenants – and the project involves more than a superficial lick of paint, that is when you are likely to need renovation insurance. 

Do I need planning permission to build an extension or renovate my home?

You might or might not require planning permission – it depends on the nature of your plans to extend or renovate.

A number of projects are likely to fall under the definition of Permitted Development Rights, for which no planning permission is required from your local planning department. 

Real Homes magazine offers an interactive tool so that registered visitors may explore whether a project they are intending to complete may need planning permission or not. 

What about the home insurance or landlord insurance I already arranged?

Once you embark on your renovation project – especially one that involves building an extension or other structural alteration – your current insurers are unlikely to maintain full cover.

Any structural damage to the existing building is typically excluded and cover may be removed altogether because the home is likely to stand empty and unoccupied for longer than a month or two at a time – even though your contractors may be there practically every working day.

So, what does home renovation insurance cover?

Home renovation insurance is a standalone form of insurance specially designed to step in where your existing cover ends or becomes unacceptably restrictive.

In other words, it provides the protection the building and its contents need for as long as the renovation works are in progress.

Throughout that time, the unoccupied property insurance, incorporated into renovation insurance, ensures that the home remains fully covered even when no one is living there – a risk that is frequently overlooked by many property owners when their house is vacated during renovation works.

How long does cover last?

Your renovation insurance cover may last as long as you choose – it is essentially temporary cover designed to stay in place until the renovation works are complete.

One of the benefits of the policies arranged by specialists such as ourselves here at UKinsuranceNET is that you may arrange that standalone cover for less than the full year normally required of other types of insurance – and, instead, choose say, three or six months, if the project is expected to last that long. 

If the building works then run over the originally scheduled completion date, our renovation insurance policies are sufficiently flexible to allow periodic extensions for as long as you may need. 

What if I want to renovate an empty property? 

Given the number of homes that have been left empty and are in danger of dereliction, many investors are interested in renovating them – as a home to live in themselves, to let to tenants, or to sell on.

One of the problems encountered during any such project is the many insurers refuse unoccupied property insurance or renovation insurance if the property has been empty since inception.

Here at UKinsuranceNET, our home renovation insurance policies provide a solution to that problem, too, enabling you to buy an empty or rundown property, insure it and carry out the necessary building works in the knowledge that it is suitably protected.