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How to Add Value to Your Home

loft conversion

We would all like to make the most out of the homes we live in, but sometimes it can feel like we don’t have the space or the funds.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider to add value to your home so you can earn back more than you spent if you wish to sell.


Central Heating

Most people expect to buy a house these days with central heating. If your home doesn’t have it, then we suggest you invest. You will definitely make it back in value.

Double Glazing

Not only does double glazing increase value, it saves you money. Trapping the heat in your home you will save you on the heating bills.


Compare prices of your electricity and gas suppliers. Usually people stick to whoever are supplying them when they moved in, however it’s a good idea to organise your own provider who can make you the best deal. This way you can add value to your home and advertise the fact the property has low bills.


There may only be a few small problems around the house, but when added together can really drag the property down. Make sure you have gave the house a new lick of paint and the carpets are laid properly before having a viewing. Most people don't want to move into a home with too many improvements to do, so doing them yourself will improve the chances of you getting it sold.

Don’t just stick with the inside of the house. Make sure the outside is looking nice too. Is there peeling paint or an overgrown garden? It can be the smallest things that make a huge difference.



The bathroom was once just a room where you would throw a toilet and bath. However now we like to make the most of our rest rooms and have them as luxurious as the rest of the house. A smart bathroom will really add value to your home and there are so many beautiful space saving ideas out there now.

By creating a wet room you have added a child friendly part of the home where nothing can be ruined by water! Or, if you want to create your own spa, add a feature to the wall, such as a fireplace or lighting shelf, this can create a tranquil atmosphere to the bathroom that grown ups can really appreciate after a hard day at work.

Take a look at for affordable features and wet rooms at affordable prices.


Getting a new kitchen can be a scary prospect. The fear of spending too much and not having the space for what you need is difficult to cope with. However the kitchen is one of the main rooms in the home and this will rise the value of your home considerably.

There are a lot of design ideas out there at the moment that can create amazing storage spaces in the kitchen that look modern as well. It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons and optimising your home, you may even want to stay after realising what you can do with the space. Get some ideas at and become inspired.


For those who are green fingered the garden can be a brilliant place to experiment. But for those who don’t really like to play around in the mud there are lots of ways which you can get your garden looking more attractive.

Try getting decking or paving and putting in hardy plants that don’t need much pampering to give the space a bit of green. have lots of ideas to optimise the space in the garden and swap the lawn for manageable alternatives which will make the garden much more appealing.



Does the property have a drive? Sometimes buyers can be put off by the thought of having to park their car on the street. This can actually make a difference with car insurance prices however people feel safer with there car on the drive. Perhaps you could convert some of the garden space into a drive or add a gate for an extra sense of security.


It can be easy to forget that the attic is a lot of space which we usually only use for storing things such as Christmas decorations, however optimising that space and creating an extra bedroom could add value to your home.

Of course, there is a lot to consider. Do you have the space to convert? Will there need to be any structural improvements? Remember you need stairs to get up there too. However that’s not to put you off the idea, with the right planning and effort, a loft conversion can transform your home.


Not many people even consider it.But do you actually park your car in the garage or do you use the front drive? If you simply use your garage for tools and bikes, you could optimise the space with clever storage facilities and create another room in your home.

You may have to check for planning permission but the possibilities are endless. A bedroom, a downstairs bathroom, a workshop? Have a look at for more advice on planning permission.


If you have the space in the back garden a conservatory can be a great value to your home. Again make sure you check for planning permission.

You can compare conservatory prices at

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