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How to Set the Perfect Christmas Dinner Table


Maybe this year you just want to keep it simple, or you’re planning a full blown scene to set your dining table, Christmas dinner is the main, so let’s take a look at how you can make it special.

Depending on your theme and colour scheme, you can incorporate any of the following ideas to fit.



Christmas is one time of the year when we’re allowed to get sparkly and glittery, so why not bring that to your table? Use a jug or flower vase and fill it with glittery baubles or jewels for the centre of your table for a completely unique Christmas theme.

Creating a centre piece doesn’t have to be plain, you can sue all kind of items to add cheer to your table by arranging baubles in the centre of your table or placing them in a glass jar to show them off. Use baubles to make dinnerware more fun and pop them in the glasses or around people’s plates.

Cake Stand-
Traditional cake stands can be used for all kinds of things around the house, a great idea of mine is to place candles instead of cakes on them, this can be used all year around. You could use this idea for the centre piece of your table or instead of candles, add Christmas decorations or starters.

Lanterns are a great way to bring to bring a vintage feel to your dinner table, they’re classic and beautiful and can be sued in a range of ways to showcase ornaments or light up the table.

Another really simple centrepiece idea would be to use candles. You could arrange them or simply line them across your table, candles are always a beautifully elegant way to decorate a table.

Birds are beautiful ways to decorate anything, but at the moment you can buy a lot of vintage items which feature the classic bird cage. This can look really beautiful on your table and you can also buy customised bird cages which feature candles or ornaments inside.

Something very unique that I would love to try, have a hanging centrepiece. You could hang baubles or decorations from the ceiling so that they actually sit in the middle of your table as a centre piece. Ever tried it? Let me know, I would love to know how effective it was.


Why not stick to a red and white theme? Clearly Christmas and also easy to find. You could add to the festive theme by adding Christmas wreaths to the room.

If you’re looking to make this year’s dinner extra special, why not pop up photographs of the family? Make your guests feel like they’re the centre of attention and add small quirky messages to their placemats or list some funny questions for other quests to get the conversation started and festive them flowing.  

Why not try and make your own Christmas decorations? You could save money by practicing designing and creating placemats for your perfect festive feel. 

Place Cards

There are so many great ways to present a name card on the Christmas table. In some ways this is where you can the most creative. Wine corks and candy canes can be used as crafty ways to present name cards with all kind of Christmassy touches.

Take a look at some of these great ideas on Pinterest-  

A nice idea may be to add a personal touch to every place card that you have on the table. You could use photographs or small items that reflect a part of someone’s personality, always a nice way to make your guests smile.



By simply introducing small amounts of colour, you can really tie a room together and make it all feel very festive. Try adding small gold baubles around the table with gold crackers and hang a bit of gold tinsel around the room with everything else remaining white. Very stylish.


If your friends and family know that you’re a little bit out there, you may want to show that in your dining table. You can add bright colours to match your personality like pink and purple and add quirky decorations such as funny reindeers and bright chair covers to top it off.

These days, modern design is quite plain. Keeping it simple and adding small touches is what it’s all about. Keep your table crisp white with elegant additions of gold or red in different places and introduce a warm glow from your candles to keep it classy.


While your crockery and glassware remain simple, you could add small accessories to the rest of your room and table to introduce that Christmas spirit. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of candles, these can create a great dining set up just on their own.

You may want your whole table to look vintage this year. You can combine a variation of the vintage ideas above with a bird cage set up and old baubles. Decorate your chairs with a large ribbon and finish off your vintage theme.


Dress Up-

Why not ask your friends and family to dress up as their favourite Christmas character? Something the kids will love and the adults can have a good laugh about.

A mascarade ball is very classy and exciting. You can bring that to your dinner table by giving your guests a classic mascarade mask each and even encourage a little bit of a dress up.


Who said Christmas has to be all about Santa? What about Simba? If you really want to push the boat out, why not ask your guests to come as Disney characters and create a really fun themed day.


Why not? It’s all about having fun right?

The possibilities are endless, but remember not to tie yourself down to the usual ideas. Make your Christmas special for all of your family and friends to remember by introducing completely original and fun to your Christmas dinner table.

If you want more ideas  for decorating your whole house, you may like to read Christmas Decorating Ideas. For all of UKinsuranceNET’s updates, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.