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Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover


We know that by helping you save money, you can spend money on bigger issues around the house. It’s important to love where you live and to look after your home so that you will be accepted if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

This week we thought you may find a D.I.Y ironing board cover useful. It’s always nice to personalise things around your home, and this one is so simple. You will need a sewing machine for best results but you can choose any design and pattern and improve your crafty skills.

You Will Need:

- Sewing machine
- 2 yards of heavy weight/upholstery weight cotton fabric
- Matching thread
- Pins
- Scissors
- 4 yards of 1/2'' elastic

Step 1: Lying your fabric, pattern down, onto the floor, turn our ironing board upside down on top of the fabric. Mark 3 1/2'' seam allowance around the board with a pen. Cut it out.

Step 2:  Fold 1/4'', press with an iron and then fold another 3/4'',press again.

Step 3:  Pin in place. Pin down the folds around the corners.

Step 4: Stitch on your machine all along your folded seam.

Step 5: Leave a small opening to insert the elastic. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and start threading it through.

Step 6: It should be pretty bunched up when you're done. You'll want to try it on the board before tying those two loose ends into a knot.

Step 7: Remove your old cover but leave the small foam insert underneath. Fit your new cover over the board being careful to hold onto those loose ends. If you don’t have an old cover you can buy foam from craft shops such as Boyes.

Step 8: Now when the cover is pretty fitted you can tighten it up by pulling on those loose ends and tying them together in a knot.

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