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Make Your Own Mosaic House Number


As well as helping you keep your home safe and get an approved claim, we want to help you look after your home too. Why not improve your home and save money by creating this handmade mosaic number tile?

You Will Need:

- Old plates

- Hammer

- Plywood 20cm x 15cm

- Edging trim

- Masking tape

- Wood glue

- Tea towel

- Pincers

- Waterproof tile adhesive

- Grout

Step 1: Build your frame

Using wood glue, attach your edging trim to your plaque base. Note that the size of the frame will depend on the length of your house number. You only need a lip on one side as an edge to tile up to. Once the trim is in place tape up the corners and leave it to dry, preferably over night.

Step 2: Draw on your house number

Once the plaque is dry, carefully remove the masking tape and give it a once over with sand paper to remove any rough edges. Carefully draw on your house number on the side with the lip and wrap up your old plates in a tea towel. Put on a pair of safety goggles and use the hammer to break the plates up into pieces.

Step 3: Create your design

Using the smaller pieces first, put a little bit adhesive on the back and stick them into place on the plaque, starting from the middle and working outwards. Once you're happy with your design and the adhesive is dry to the touch, cover the mosaic with grout, working it into the design with your finger. Once this has dried, give it a polish with a dry cloth.

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