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Thinking of moving to Birmingham? Whether you’re starting a family, planning an investment or beginning higher education, here is what Birmingham has to offer.

House Prices 🏠

Property Investment 🏠🏠

Birmingham’s population of just over 1.1 million reflects youthful profile, with a “bulge” of those between the ages of 20-24, stemming largely from the large student population.

  • More than 45% of the population is over 30 (national average 39.4%)
  • Only 13.1% of the population is over 65 (national average 17.6%)
  • In the past decade, the population of Birmingham has grown steadily – as the result of fewer deaths, more births and immigration from abroad.

Economy ££

  • In terms of its economic importance, Birmingham is second only to London
  • By the 1960s household incomes in the city outgrew those even of London and the southeast
  • The economy has faltered since the crisis of 2008 but is well poised to make a comeback
  • It is the most favoured city in which to locate a business after London and Manchester.

Location and Transport 🚌

Education 🎓

Environment 🌷

  • Birmingham has played a major role in the industrialisation of Britain, yet is set in the heart of the country, surrounded by quintessentially English countryside
  • Its central location makes it accessible from practically any corner of the country and it well served by road, rail and tram networks, together with the nearby East Midlands Airport
  • In recent years, the city has promoted its many shopping opportunities and it is, of course, host to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC).

Trivia 🎬

Finally, did you know …

  • The city takes its name from “home (ham) to the people of the Birm (or Beorma) tribe”
  • The city claims to have 6 million trees and more parks than any other European city
  • Plastic was invented by Birmingham-born Alexander Parkes and the name originally given to the material was Perkensine.

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