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Thinking of moving to Derby? Whether you’re starting a family, planning an investment or beginning higher education, here is what Derby has to offer.

House Prices 🏠

Property Investment 🏠 🏠 

  •       The population is also marked by its diversity, especially in terms of ethnicity – comprising mostly those of Pakistani and Indian descent, the ethnic population increased from 15.7% to 24.7% at the last census
  •       The largest increase in population by age is amongst those between 20 and 29 years.

Economy ££ 

  •       Thanks to this economic strength, wage levels are also higher than anywhere outside of London and the southeast of England
  •       But the diversity of the workforce also means that Derby has a higher than average proportion of residents with no academic qualifications (18%) and many employers reporting significant skills shortages (22%).

Location and Transport 🚌

  •       Situated in the heart of the Midlands, Derby is a natural transport hub – in terms of its links with the rest of the country by road, rail and air
  •       The M1 is just 10 miles east of the city and continues to provide ready access to London to the south and Leeds and Sheffield to the North 
  •       Derby has also been a rail hub since its station was first opened in 1840, providing links to London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester
  •       The East Midlands airport is just 15 miles from Derby city centre.

Education 🎓

  •       The University of Derby has its main campus in the centre and a subsidiary campus in the north of the county in Buxton
  •       Derby College offers more vocational training
  •       There are 15 secondary schools in the city, together with three fee-paying independent schools.

Environment 🌷

  •       Derby is home to the oldest public park still open to the public – called the Arboretum, it was given to the people of the city by a local mill owner in 1840
  •       There are a further 300 parks and gardens within the city, together covering almost 700 hectares of land
  •       Derby is on the southern edge of the ever-popular Peak District.

Trivia 🎬

Finally, did you know … 

  •       Since its history dates back to Roman time, Derby has had its fair share of alternative name, including Derventio, Darbye, Deoraby and Darby
  •       Rolls-Royce are the area’s largest employer.