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How to add value to your property

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Whether you have in mind to build an extension, renovate your home or simply give it a decorating make-over, there may be any number of reasons for tackling such a project. 

One of the main reasons for taking it on is simply because it is your home - it is where you and your family live and you want to increase the available space or make it more suitable or comfortable for your current use. 


If you want to achieve any of these goals and, at the same time, also be certain of adding value to your property, then more careful examination is needed about the costs involved and the actual market value you are likely to add.

If you are expecting to invest any amount of time and money in the works, therefore, you might want to consult a local estate agent about market values and what, if any, extensions or refurbishments might be sought after by buyers. 

Your aim is to balance whatever you are planning to spend against the likely increase in value that might result. Do bear in mind, of course, that there is always an upper limit to what it is worth spending, unless you are prepared to “lose money” on the project simply to increase comfort levels for your own tastes.

Renovation insurance

Unless you are planning nothing more than a redecorating make-over, it is important to consider the purchase of suitable renovation insurance – for the reasons we outline in our guide to the subject.

Your existing home building and contents insurance is unlikely to be adequate – and may even be invalidated – if you are planning any structural changes or the addition of an extension, for example. Furthermore, you may need the protection of unoccupied property insurance if you need to move out of your home for a while when the building works are underway. 

You can find out more about - and get a quote for - renovation insurance here.

Adding value

An edition of Ideal Home magazine on the 19th of October 2017, offers a number of the typical projects which may add value to your home:

Loft conversions

  • loft conversions are among the more popular options for many homeowners and may add up to 21% to the value of your home, says Ideal Home, quoting the Nationwide Building Society;


  • an extension is likely to prove more expensive and also involve planning permission and – just as with a loft conversion – your need to comply with building regulations; 
  • it is suggested that between 5% and 12% may be added to the market value of your home;

Kitchens and bathrooms

  • upgrading your kitchen or bathroom is also a reasonably safe way of adding value to your property – and, of course, helping to make it a more comfortable place in which you and your family are living; 
  • fitting a new kitchen might add up to 4% to the value of your home and, a new bathroom up to 5%; 


  • ever-popular – and well-regarded by buyers – are conservatories; 
  • they are a relatively inexpensive way of increasing the available floor area of your home – and provide a welcome sun room for use in the UK’s uncertain climate; 
  • a well-proportioned conservatory, appropriate for the type of house you own, may add up to as much as 15% to its market price.

Having made sure to do your sums and balanced planned expenditure against likely added value, a loft conversion, extension or other make-over might significantly increase the market value of your home, whilst providing an improved and more comfortable environment for you and your family.