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Interesting Insurance Claims


How do you persuade people to get insurance?

Do you scare people into it? Interest them? Bribe them?

Of course not.

You draw amazing pictures on the floor and relate them to some interesting insurance claims.

If you’re involved in any of these trades, these marketing techniques might give you a bit of a nudge.


Well if you’re lucky enough to have you’re own private jet you may want to consider the consequences and take a look at this picture. Now Aviation Insurance doesn’t sound too bad does it?


Now what would you do if you didn’t have Home Insurance Including Pet Cover and the floor fell through into your pet crocodile lake in the basement?
It would be a nightmare, yes. Don’t risk it.


Now this one is a definite. I heard the Grand Canyon is getting a new swing bridge as well as a glass walkway. Well no, not really. But if you are the adventurous type don’t forget Holiday and Travel Insurance because when you find yourself in a situation like this, it could come in useful.


You thought you would need that Home Including Subsidence Insurance for the pot hole in the garden didn’t you? Well it would also come in useful for the apocalypse, apparently. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

I think we’ve made it pretty clear. Insurance is important. It keeps your home, belongings, family, pets and peace of mind safe. However unlikely, no one wants to be left feeling helpless. Make sure you have the right insurance depending on your circumstances to ensure you’re safe if the worst should happen.

Credit for all images used on this article goes to Nikolaj-Arndt

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