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Severe Weather Warning- How to Protect Your Home

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We have been warned of severe bad weather across the UK. The BBC have issued flood warnings and weather warnings stating ‘severe gales’ in some parts of the UK.

As an insurance broker, UKinsuranceNET are well aware of the effects which bad weather can have on your home and your wallet. Make sure you read this list and take all measures to prevent severe property damage.


If a storm is coming your way, we suggest a ‘UKins storm survival kit’. You may experience power cuts, so basically get a torch, extra blankets and buy a bigger food shop. If you’re on any medication you should ensure you have it in the house to prevent you having to go out in severe weather.

It is well known that high winds can topple trees and trucks, so your garden furniture isn’t going to manage very well. You should either store these items inside or tie them down.

If you thought it was cold and draughty in December, it’s going to get worse. Close and lock your doors and windows tight and invest in draught excluders. Not only will you save money, you will prevent them being taken of their hinges. This might help, make-your-own-draught-excluder/.

Park your vehicle somewhere safe. If you don’t have a garage we advise you to park away from trees and other potentially dangerous objects which could fall in a gale.

Keep your pets indoors. It goes without saying, but don’t leave them out in a storm!

House Checks

So you’re all set to feel safe inside your home and there aren’t going to be any plastic garden chairs making a run for it. But what about the things that have to stay outside?

Have your roof inspected. Make sure you’re not missing any roof tiles and the garage roof is sturdy. This will help your home battle through the weather.

Clear your drains. If the rain is coming down hard, it will get blocked in by those Autumn leaves you still haven’t cleared. Now is a good time to make sure the rain can reach the drains.

Every year, without fail, it’s my garden fence that gives up the fight. If you haven’t left it too late, you can install concrete post bases. You can also buy fence supports to add grip in the soil and prevent it completely collapsing. For a last resort try supporting the fence with wooden boards.

If you have any large trees in your garden, cut back any hanging branches and either tie them down or dispose of them quickly. The wind can easily take a large branch and damage your home with it.

The Aftermath

Firstly, be sure the weather has calmed before going to take a look at any damage. You must be cautious when assessing your property. Roof tiles may be loose, walls unstable and trees could still cause danger to your home.

If there are any damaged electrical wires, you should contact a professional to come and repair them as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, contact your insurance company. If you think you may be entitled to claim you should contact them as soon as possible giving as much detail as you can. If you’re wary of claiming on the insurance you can read keep-calm-and-claim-on-the-insurance/ to understand how to get a successful claim.

You can also protect yourselves from the Winter by reading winter-warner-prepare-your-home-for-winter-damage/ and making sure you save money while it’s cold.

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