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What does home emergency cover and how does it work?

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Have you considered the benefits of standalone home emergency insurance as a complement to your standard home insurance?

How it works

Perhaps one of the best ways of illustrating how home emergency cover works is to say that it takes the panic out of any number of those common domestic emergencies which occur when you are least prepared and which catch you completely off-guard. 

Examples might be given by that sudden gush of water from a burst pipe or failed plumbing connection, which threatens to flood your whole house, while you helplessly stand idly by. Or the central heating boiler which packs up in the dead of winter, leaving you and your family shivering in the cold and without any prospect of hot water from the taps.

What it does 

So, what does home emergency cover do to head off any panic about domestic crises such as this?

It takes only one call on your part to our 24-hour emergency helpline, where you describe exactly what has gone wrong. This prompts the following three-stage response to swing into action:

  1. first of all, you receive immediate advice from our call centre on what to do to protect yourself from injury and your home from further damage;
  1. arrangements are then made for a qualified service engineer or tradesman to come to your home and make immediate repairs at the earliest opportunity or for the visit to be scheduled at your convenience; and 
  1. the cost of providing that home emergency assist is covered by your domestic emergency insurance under one or more of the headings detailed in your policy document

The benefits 

The benefits of any domestic emergency insurance may vary from one policy to another – hence the wide variations in price you may discover when comparing similar products. The price range and the benefits offered are among the features discussed in an article published by the Consumers’ Association’s Which? magazine.

That is where you are likely to find that our own Home Emergency Protect policy steals the edge over many other similar plans. 

In return for a single annual premium of less than £70 you enjoy home emergency call-outs and repairs for up to £500 throughout the year, no matter how often you may need to use our service. 

A very wide range of domestic crises are covered for this price, including an emergency caused by, or the result of a breakdown in the domestic electrical wiring supply or the plumbing and drainage system.

All manner of your primary heating system failures and the breakdown of your central heating boiler (provided it is no older than 15 years) are also covered, together with emergency repairs required on your roof, the control of vermin, compromised locks, doors or windows that leave your home insecure, and even the provision of emergency overnight accommodation whilst your home remains uninhabitable because of the approved emergency.

If your central heating boiler proves to be beyond repair, we contribute £250 to the cost of its replacement.

Irrespective of the number of claims you make, no excess is charged.