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What insurance do I need for my main residence leisure home?


Like any other homeowner, you are likely to want suitable insurance for your residential static home.

Finding the appropriate static home insurance – also known as park home insurance or, more commonly main residence leisure home insurance - however, might prove more than usually fraught with difficulties – not least because of the tendency for both consumers and even insurers themselves to use potentially confusing terms.

Leisure homes

Neither is there any seeming consensus about the definition of the various types of static home – or static caravans, as they are sometimes known.

One attempt to clarify any confusion adopts a generic title of leisure home to describe three basic types of living accommodation:

Park homes

  • these are static homes sited on a park or other location covered by a local authority licence which allows an owner to reside in the park home all the year round, on a permanent basis;
  • the home itself is built to a high standard – especially as far as the structure and insulation are concerned – typically recognised by the BS3632 Kitemark;
  • for these, the aptly named residential static caravan insurance or main residence leisure home insurance is the appropriate form of cover;

Holiday homes

  • park homes are not to be confused with static caravans used as holiday homes;
  • the latter are residential caravans, often berthed on sites leased at purpose-designed parks and resorts, but intended only for holidays or occasional use by the owner or visiting tenants;
  • the type of insurance needed for these is typically known as holiday leisure home insurance;
  • you are allowed to live in a holiday home – also called a static caravan – for a maximum of 11 months in any one year and the majority of parks and resorts close down entirely during the winter months;
  • because they are intended for occasional use rather than a permanent place of residence, holiday homes are static caravans built to a generally less exacting standard (typically EN1647);

Lodges and chalets

  • there is a growing popularity for lodges and chalets, some of which are built for – and need to be licensed for – permanent occupation (in which case residential static home insurance or residential lodge insurance is required) but others are built for use as holiday homes only.

Consult your specialist park home insurance provider

With such potential for confusion – and the cost of ending up with inappropriate residential static caravan insurance – you might want to make sure to consult us here at UKinsuranceNET to arrange suitable cover at a competitive price.

Since your residential static home is just that, your home, you probably want similar protection and cover to that enjoyed by owners of conventionally constructed homes.

Therefore, our policies cover all the risks you might expect, namely:

  • fire, smoke, lightning, explosion, aircraft, earthquake;
  • storm and flood damage;
  • escape of water and oil;
  • impacts and collision;
  • riot, civil commotion, vandalism and malicious damage;
  • subsidence, heave and landslip; and
  • theft or attempted theft.

Residential static home insurance also protects against loss and damage the contents of your residence, but the heightened vulnerability of a park home may also mean that contents insurance is limited to £500 per claims.

Public liability insurance – indemnifying you against injury, loss or damage suffered by visitors to your home, neighbours, or members of the public – of up to £2 million per claim is also included in this type of residence leisure home insurance.