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Make sure your tenant is ready for Christmas


How will you be spending Christmas? Hopefully, it is not going to be one where your tenants call in the middle of the night, in a panic over some drama or incident in the place they are renting from you. 

In a word, you want your tenants to enjoy Christmas – in just the same way you want to enjoy it, peacefully. Here are some tips you can share with your tenant so you can both, hopefully, have a stress free, happy Christmas …


A few words of advice to your tenants about general safety and security may not go amiss as the holiday season approaches. For example:

  • paper decorations, tree lights and the naked flame of candles might all be part of the festive preparations, but bring with them, of course, an increased risk of fire;
  • remind them of the importance of extinguishing any candles and turn off any Christmas tree lights before they leave the property or before going to bed and to make sure that electrical connections for any lights are safe;
  • remember that it is your responsibility as a landlord to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors where appropriate – so check that they are working properly and ask your tenants to do their own checks from time to time;
  • ask them to make sure curtains are drawn when the nights draw in and that more expensive items are, as far as possible, kept well out of sight;
  • encourage them to use timer switches on some of the lights in some of the rooms, to create an impression that there may be someone at home, even when they are out at a party in the evening;
  • make sure any external lights or sensors are working; 
  • if they are planning to leave the property for any number of consecutive days during the holidays, ask them to make sure to let you know when – and for how long – the property is going to be unoccupied.

Also, if the property has a burglar alarm, double check that your tenant knows how to use it.


We are currently going through a cold spell, and, according to some news reports, this Christmas could be a white one.

With this in mind, make sure your tenant has everything they need to keep warm. It may be worth your while providing additional, safety approved electrical heaters, for example, than the tenant relying on something they have brought themselves in to the house which could be a fire risk.

Let property insurance

While thinking about safety and security for your tenant, it is also your cue to check your landlord’s insurance too in that the total sums insured remain relevant and up to date, providing all of the cover you need. 

You might want to remind your tenants of the importance of insuring their own belongings, with tenants’ contents insurance.

It is worth noting that with Christmas nearly here, the presents your tenants have bought might significantly increase the value of the contents of their home. So, a policy which automatically increases the total contents sum insured at this time of year by 10% – such as those we arrange here at UKinsuranceNET – may be especially welcome.

Working together with your tenants, you may help to make sure that they – and your let property – remain safe and secure this coming holiday season.