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The importance of landlords’ student insurance

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With the new academic year starting in September, thousands more students are set to join the 2.3 million currently in some form of higher education (according to analysts HESA).

They are all going to need somewhere to live, of course, and although some may continue to live at home or take up offers in halls of residence, an estimated 75% of the total student population is likely to be looking to the private rental sector, said the magazine for Independent Financial Advisers, IFA, on the 29th of June 2017.

The importance of landlords’ student insurance

The statistics give a clear indication of the attraction to landlords of targeting such a large market of potential tenants.

But, if you plan to do that, you also need to take into account the need for purpose designed  – specialist cover which we are able to arrange here at UKinsuranceNET.

This type of student landlord insurance provides similar protection to other forms of landlord insurance, namely:

  • indemnity against claims arising from your landlord liability – if a tenant, one of their visitors or any other third party is injured or has their own property damaged in some accident in your let accommodation;
  • cover for the structure and fabric of the building, together with the contents which you own – furniture, fixtures and fittings in common areas, for example – which might also include cover against the risk of malicious damage; and 
  • compensation for the loss of rental income if a major insured event leaves your student let property temporarily uninhabitable.

So, why is specialist insurance necessary?

Special landlord insurance for student tenants recognises the particular, potentially additional risks, you may face if you are the landlord of property let to students. 

These risks are sufficiently notable that some insurers may decline cover if your principal target market for tenants includes students – and that is one reason why you may wish to consult our team of specialist experts here at UKinsuranceNET.

Another reason for arranging landlords’ student insurance arises from the particular type of property you might be letting, especially if it is a so-called House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).


An HMO is a property that accommodates more than three tenants forming more than two separate households, but sharing facilities such as bathroom and toilet or kitchen. A large HMO – for which a special licence is also needed from your local council – spans at least three storeys, accommodates more than five tenants in more than one household and, again, has shared bathroom and toilet or kitchen facilities.

Landlords of these properties have rather more legal obligations and responsibilities than landlords of conventional let accommodation – principally concerned with the health and safety of your tenants.

HMOs also fall into a special category of let property, therefore, and not all insurers may be prepared to offer the landlord insurance you need. Here at UKinsuranceNET, though, we recognise the special appeal which HMOs may have to both students (because of the typically lower rents) and to landlords (because of the demand from tenants such as students), so we are more than experienced in arranging landlord insurance for student tenants of HMOs, too.