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18% of landlords to remain in the BTL market

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New research reveals that nearly one in five landlords intend to remain in the buy-to-let market indefinitely, with the same number of portfolio landlords foreseeing the same.

Despite landlords facing a raft of regulatory and tax changes in recent years

18% of landlords said they expect to remain a landlord indefinitely, while19% of portfolio landlords said the same.

The study also shows of those landlords who intend to remain indefinitely:

  • one in ten landlords are aged 18-34;
  • 17% are aged 35-54;
  • 20% are aged 55 and over.

Regionally, nearly a quarter of landlords in the East of England said they had no plans to leave the market - suggesting the draw of rental property in the commuter belt.

Portfolio landlords vs. non-portfolio landlords

The survey also reveals that today’s portfolio landlords expect to stay invested in the market for an average of 15 years – this is compared to 10 years for non-portfolio landlords.

A spokesman from Foundation Home Loans, who carried out the research, says: “There have been ripples of concern that a mass exodus of landlords is expected, and certainly the changes introduced are a handful to deal with if not addressed in the right way. But this is clearly an exaggerated view of the market.

“With so much interest in investing in the long-term, it is therefore imperative that newer landlords are sufficiently supported to avoid any knee-jerk exits. This is particularly the case for portfolio landlords as diversification is key to maintaining cashflow.”