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Brexit – no problem for property investors says new survey


Whilst the rest of the country appears to have been wringing its collective hands about Brexit, the majority of property investors and landlords appear to have no such qualms, according to a story by Property Reporter on the 5th of April.

The story cites a survey of some 500 property investors in the UK and reveals that 57% of them have no intention of letting Brexit or its aftermath change their long-term investment strategies in any way. Indeed, some indicated the possibility of an increased number of transactions immediately following any resolution of the question of Brexit – 29% said they hoped to step up investment immediately after any Brexit deadline.

The news tends to confirm the general pattern of property investment ever since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 – the results of which led many to predict the collapse of the UK’s property market.

In fact, 64% of property investors said that they had not let the possibility of Brexit or the results of the referendum affect their investment decisions in any way. A reported 45% of investors said they had expanded their property portfolios since the referendum, while only 7% admitted to having sold one or more properties as a direct consequence of the decision or discussions surrounding Brexit.

In spite of Brexit and the expected uncertainty and “Brexit fatigue” that many predicted, investors appear to have confounded the analysts and continued very much as normal – confirming their appetite for investment in bricks and mortar.