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Changes in regional house prices


Just as you might expect, changes in average house prices continue to vary from one region of the UK to another.

The rise and fall of those prices have been charted in an article published by Landlord Today on the 26th of July, with the following results:

  • across the country as a whole, average prices rose by £2,046 – or the equivalent of £11 a day – during the first half of this year; 
  • the fastest rising prices were found in the West Midlands, where the average home sold for a total of more than £6,695 since the 1st of January – a daily increase of £36.58;
  • a close second was run by the South East of England, where the price of the average home rose by a total of £6,463 – or some £35.32 every day;
  • in third place, average house prices in the North West of England increased by a total of £3,731 during the first six months of the year – a daily rise of £20.39; 
  • average house prices in the South West of England, however, rose by an average of only £832 in six months – just £4.55; while
  • both Scotland and London registered falls in the value of house prices – those in Scotland falling by £3,768 (£20.59 a day), while the average house price in London plummeted by a total of £13,035 in the six months, losing some £71.23 a day. 

Within each of these regions, of course, some towns and postcodes fared better than others – with notable increases recorded in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire; Reigate in Surrey; and Epping, Essex.