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Flexibility, meeting people and no maintenance worries – three reasons why Brits rent


There are millions of renters in the UK – paying £51.6bn a year in rent versus £57.4bn paid in mortgages – so the BBC asked tenants about what they consider the pros and cons of renting.

Overall, the BBC survey found that many tenants felt uncertain about their landlords' long-term plans, but enjoyed the feeling of freedom of being able to move.

The positives for tenants


Tenants liked having the option to give relatively short notice, then move to a new home.

Maintenance isn’t your problem

One tenant summed it all up: "You don't have to think about house insurance and massive maintenance costs, although this does assume the landlords are doing their job."

Meeting people

Almost a third of those asked said they chose to house-share as it is more sociable – especially if moving to a new area.

The downsides for tenants


83% said they lived in a rented house-share for financial reasons. Rent levels were also a concern for many, particularly those in more affluent areas of the country.

Rogue landlords

A badly maintained property and deposits were two common concerns, with a general view that some landlords have given the sector a bad name.

Tenants said they worry that their landlord may not be putting deposits into a ring-fenced account


One of the big fears among tenants was the insecurity of not knowing if their landlord will suddenly make them leave.

One tenant said there is "constant uncertainty of (landlords) wanting to sell and therefore having to find somewhere else to live".

In Scotland, new rules require longer notice periods and other measures designed to increase a tenant’s security.