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Government tightens up rules on electrical safety in private rented sector


New measures are being introduced in the private rented sector to ensure mandatory electrical inspections are carried out by competent and qualified inspectors. The government is also committing to introduce mandatory five yearly electrical safety checks.

While a date has not yet been agreed for the implementation of the mandatory checks, LandlordToday reports that the consultation response outlining the Electrical Safety Standards “will be introduced as soon as parliamentary time allows”.

Landlords will be legally required to ensure that the inspectors they hire to carry out safety inspections have the necessary competence and qualifications to do so. Those who fail to comply will face tough financial penalties.

The government will publish new guidance that will set out the minimum level of competence and qualifications necessary for those carrying out these important inspections.

Heather Wheeler, Housing Minister said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. While measures are already in place to crack down on the small minority of landlords who rent out unsafe properties, we need to do more to protect tenants.

“These new measures will reduce the risk of faulty electrical equipment, giving people peace of mind and helping to keep them safe in their homes.

“It will also provide clear guidance to landlords on who they should be hiring to carry out these important electrical safety checks.

“The new guidance will provide clear accountability at each stage of the inspection process – of what is required and whose responsibility it is – but without placing excessive cost and time burdens on landlords.”