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Landlords – the How to Rent guide has been updated

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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is reminding landlords of their responsibility to issue the recently updated Government How to Rent guide.

In March this year we reported on the importance to landlords of issuing the How to Rent guide and how it is not an optional part of any welcome pack but something you must give to your tenants.

The guide was updated 26th June 2018, and from that date landlords are reminded that:

  • they mustmake sure new tenants are given a copy;
  • they should check that tenants who are renewing (and those with any tenancies that become statutory periodic tenancies) have the most up to date version;
  • currently, tenants who are currently within a fixed term do notneed to be given a replacement version of the guide. 

The RLA reports that landlords entering into tenancies who fail to give this new version to their tenants are leaving themselves at risk, with Section 21 notices not valid unless the correct version of the How to Rent guide has been provided to the tenant.

What has been updated in the guide?

The new guide has been changed to make it more user-friendly whilst updated to reflect changes in legislation including information about the tenants fee ban and the approaching changes to HMO licensing. The last update to the guide took place earlier this year in January, which removed references to the London Mayor’s London Rental Standard which was abandoned by the Mayor back in May 2017.