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  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Alternative accommodation provided
  • Insurance for claims up to £500
  • Heating cover (boilers up to 15 years old)
  • Covers plumbing failure leading to damage to the home
  • Nil Excess

Landlord Home Emergency Cover

 If you own let property, there is always a risk that some emergency threatens the health or safety of your tenants or the risk of further loss or damage to the structure and fabric of your property or contents you own within it.

On the first score of keeping your tenants out of harm’s way, of course, you have a legal responsibility to provide accommodation which is safe and free of health hazards.

Safeguarding your building and contents, is a matter you may generally leave to your regular landlord’s or buy to let insurance.

But there are some emergencies which, while they may not always pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of your tenants, can cause property damage the longer they are left unattended, such as a overflowing water tank – as well as creating a real problem for your tenant such as electrical failure.

Landlord home emergency cover is designed to provide an immediate response in any such situation, finding and repairing the source of the problem.

What is landlord home emergency cover insurance?

As a supplement or complement to your existing landlord insurance policy, landlord’s domestic emergency cover for a flat, apartment or house is intended as a first-line of defence in the event of a domestic emergency.

So, if your tenant gets home late one night to find their plumbing or electricity has failed, for example, their first port of call will be the home domestic emergency helpline – and not you.

Why may you need landlord home emergency insurance cover?

You may need landlord emergency assistance insurance as a defence against some of the major risks likely to be posed towards the health and safety of your tenants and the integrity of your building:

  • primary heating system – failure or breakdown;

  • plumbing and drainage – failure or breakdown;

  • electricity supply – failure or breakdown;

  • security and glazing – failure or damage (caused by others) to doors, windows or locks, which jeopardise the security of the let property;

  • vermin – infestations, which happen after arranging your landlord home emergency cover;

  • roof – damage caused by storms and/or falling trees and branches; and

  • uninhabitable accommodation cover – compensation for the cost of basic overnight accommodation for your tenant, pending the completion of immediate repairs or the provision of alternative accommodation provided under the terms of your standard landlord insurance policy.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

Ask us to conduct a landlord emergency cover comparison on your behalf, and you are likely to find our flat-rate premium of less than £80 a year very difficult to beat.

We also make it as easy as possible to seek landlord insurance emergency assistance, simply by contacting our 24/7 landlord domestic emergency hotline and taking advice on those steps you or your tenants might take immediately to mitigate any further loss or damage.

We then arrange for a qualified service agent or contractor to attend your property and make emergency repairs straight away – or at a time that is convenient to you and your tenants.

Finally, we arrange the necessary financial compensation for the costs incurred by the emergency assistance, in accordance with the terms of your policy.