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Getting better value is a skill all good property investors have, and why should they change this approach when looking for cover for their property?

Maximising an investment also involves making sure the setup and associated costs are effective and worthwhile, so getting hold of an affordable and comprehensive landlord insurance plan is almost as important as finding the right property. You can even drive down some of those quotes by looking to compare landlord insurance and seeing what can be bought from other providers.

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Although many policies have similar elements, landlord insurance deals can involve some variables which might be worth bearing in mind. Not all of them will be useful to every landlord, and some deals will require additional elements for an extra fee, while other insurers are prepared to add some things in for nothing.

For a start, it could be worth paying particular attention to exactly what the building itself is covered against. Although a typical policy will protect against fire, vandalism and floods, some may or may not include protection for things like subsidence, earthquakes, and terrorism.

Compare landlord insurance policies

When looking to compare landlord insurance policies it may also be worth thinking about whether or not you intend to offer some or all of your portfolio furnished. Some policies cover things like fixtures and fittings, but may not protect against some of the more permanent general belongings, like carpets, beds, and other furnishings you may want to put in yourself.

Another extra which might worth looking into when comparing deals is landlord liability insurance, essentially meaning if you face legal action following harm which came to a tenant, your legal bills and the cost of compensation would be paid for. For example, a faulty electrical switch can see somebody electrocuted and injured, and they may launch a legal case. In such circumstances landlord liability cover would pay for the cost of hiring legal help and any compensation should it be awarded.

When looking to compare landlord insurance you may want to use a specialist buy to let insurance broker, who acts like a middle man between you and a number of potential insurers, or may want to do some shopping around yourself. Whatever you decide, it might be worth considering not just costs but also the detail of the policy. A cover plan which is much cheaper than the rest of what is on the table may be tempting, but if it does not include some elements of protection you're worried about, it might not be worth going for.

Landlord insurance comparison

Whether you have one or two properties or dozens or even hundreds, you are probably going to be thinking about how you're going to insure them effectively without paying a fortune. Your current deal may be proving too much of a strain on your finances, or you may just be starting out and be after the best value you can possibly find. Landlord insurance quotes comparison tactics can be used to drive down the cost of your premiums, making sure that your investment leads to as much profit as possible while still making sure that everything is protected properly. offers a great selection of landlords protection insurance.

Although the market is not as broad as the traditional home insurance sector, landlord insurance is available from a wide variety of providers, including some of the usual suspects and a few specialist names as well. You can either do the legwork yourself and make plenty of phone calls and obtain a few quotes, or you may choose to use a specialist broker who can do much of the work for you.

Bulk discounts

UKinsuranceNET landlord property insurance comparison technique is to ask different companies whether or not they are prepared to offer you a discount across a portfolio of homes, perhaps if you have several properties in a block of flats, for example. There are many companies out there which will be prepared to offer you a cut for a bulk policy protecting a number of homes.

It's also important to consider the actual detail of the different policies that will be available to you. For example, some may include landlord liability cover, paying your legal expenses in the event of a personal injury claim from a tenant, while others will not. Others will be prepared to offer it but for an extra fee. Of course in many cases buildings insurance is going to be the main concern, but for those looking to rent out property, the contents element may also be worth looking into, and again some will be prepared to offer protection for contents up to a limit, as part of a deal, while others will want extra to include this.

When on a landlords insurance online comparison campaign, it's also perhaps worth bearing in mind that the cheapest deal may not always be the best, as cutting corners may lead to you ending up out of pocket in the long run if you suffer a major disaster like a fire, for example.