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Landlord Building Insurance for DSS Tenants

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If you have invested in buy to let property, there is one distinct capital asset which your business needs to protect – and that is the structure and fabric of the building itself.

Your investment remains exposed to such potentially very serious risks as fire, flooding, storm damage, escape of water, impacts and vandalism, to name but a few.

Put very simply, the building is the jewel in the crown of your buy to let business – without it, or with it seriously damaged, you may are unlikely to maintain the rental income stream on which the whole enterprise depends.

Why do you need landlord building insurance for DSS tenants?

The need for insurance to protect the structure and fabric of your buy to let property might therefore be clear enough – as is the need to ensure that the total sum insured anticipates the worst coming to the worst and some serious incident occurs in which the building needs to be reconstructed from scratch.

Problems may arise, however, if the tenants you select are those in receipt of DSS benefits.

Many insurers may regard such tenants as posing such significant risks to your buy to let business that they:

  • impose restrictive conditions on the insurance cover offered;
  • increase the premiums you need to pay for a normal level or cover; or
  • decline your proposal for insurance altogether.

If you are looking for landlord insurance for tenants on housing benefits, therefore, you might need to search more carefully and identify those specialist providers prepared to extend landlord building insurance for DSS tenants.

What you need to know when buying cover

What you need to know when buying your landlord insurance, therefore, is the extent to which any insurer may impose restrictions or remove cover in the event of your tenants being in receipt of DSS benefits.

Indeed, you may need to know more than that, since there are also insurers who consider tenants who are unemployed to pose very similar risks.

What you need to know, therefore, is whether the cover you are buying amounts to let property insurance for unemployed tenants just as much as it offers you the protection of landlord insurance for tenants on housing benefits.

Why choose us?

Here at UKinsuranceNET, our starting position is very simple – we respect your judgment and integrity as a landlord to select tenants in the way you see fit.

We know you are likely to choose carefully, taking every necessary precaution to choose tenants you may trust, and that counts for us in finding the landlord building insurance for DSS tenants – and others – you need.

Our building insurance policies are designed to help protect the structure and fabric of your let property against such potentially serious risks as fire, storm damage, flooding and impact – irrespective of the kind of tenant you are careful enough to select.

So confident are we, in fact, that the insurance cover we are able to arrange may include protection against any malicious damage caused by your tenants as a standard feature of the policy.