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Let Property Insurance for DSS Tenants

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Your only goal as the landlord of buy to let property is likely to be letting your accommodation to tenants who pay the rent, may be expected to treat your property with the respect it deserves, and to move on as and when there is any termination of the tenancy.

Those may seem entirely reasonable and achievable objectives, but when it comes to landlord insurance, you might encounter more difficulties than you imagined.

Despite the fact that some councils are prepared to guarantee the rent payable by tenants on housing benefits, some insurers may take a completely contrary view and regard DSS tenants as a particularly high risk.

So much so, that your prospects of securing the landlords insurance cover for DSS tenants you need is made especially difficult – or expensive.

Why do you need landlords’ insurance for DSS tenants?

The fact is that, in their calculation of the perils involved, many insurers consider certain tenants – including those on benefits – to represent an unacceptable risk.

The result may be a rejection of your proposal for essential cover if your let property is to go to tenants on housing or other DSS benefits.

The exception lies in arranging insurance – from a provider such as us here at UKinsuranceNET – where DSS tenants are positively welcomed as part and parcel of your attempts to make a financial success of your buy to let business.

Not only does let property insurance for DSS tenants therefore help to fill a void in this niche of the insurance market, but it may be imperative if your target market includes those who may be in receipt of such benefits.

What you need to know when buying cover

When buying your landlord insurance, there are a number of elements you might want to keep in mind:

  • landlord building insurance for tenants on housing benefits, for example, needs to maintain a total insured sum to meet the possible need for completely rebuilding your property, but it might also need to take on board the risk of those very tenants causing malicious damage to the structure and fabric of your building;
  • landlord building insurance for tenants on housing benefits therefore needs to incorporate this risk and provide adequate safeguards against it;
  • even where you have ensured the minimum of contents within your let property, there is likely still to be a need to provide at least basic cover for items such as carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings.

Why choose UKInsuranceNET?

If you choose UKinsuranceNET for your landlord insurance needs, you may rest assured that we may find precisely the cover you require – whether or not you tenants are likely to include those on DSS benefits.

We specialise not only in insurance that might otherwise be difficult for landlords to secure, but also in those elements of cover which other policies may not cover – for example, cover against the risk of subsidence damage to the structure and fabric of your building.