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  • We insure properties with non standard construction
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So you've inherited a property, but haven't decided what to do with it. Or perhaps you own a couple of flats which are currently not attracting tenants, and so have not had any body in them for a couple of months. How can you make sure that the property is okay while empty? There are a few things you can do while the properties are empty, such as going in regularly to check everything;  make sure the water is turned off and so on. But have you thought about cover and whether or not your current insurance policy is doing the job while there is no one inside the property?  Empty buildings insurance might be needed as a specialist measure as opposed to your traditional form of cover, as in certain circumstances an empty home may not be as well protected as you think.

While building societies and banks often insist that a mortgage holder has a buildings cover plan in place when they take out the home loan, a typical deal might not quite do the job if somewhere is unoccupied for an extended period. You may think it is a given that your insurance does the same whether somebody is in a house or not, but in reality many policies have one or two pitfalls which could trip you up.

For example, some require that a home is occupied for the insurance to be active in its current form. So if it is left empty for say, 30 days, it may go on to a lower level where the building is not protected against vandalism and water damage, for example.

Your property can be vulnerable

This is because insurance companies are aware of how vulnerable an unguarded home can be. They may attract squatters, vandals, or a burst pipe, which would normally be fixed quickly, could turn into an outright flood which wrecks the home. In general a property which is empty is considered more of a risk, and therefore firms may simply drop down the level of cover or at worst a deal could be completely invalid depending on the terms and conditions.

Empty buildings insurance provides comprehensive protection for a home which is empty, as opposed to the stripped down version you could end up with on a traditional deal. Available from specialists and through brokers, it can be a major benefit to anyone who expects the home they own to be without an occupant for a long time.

Normally covering all the fixtures and fittings, an empty buildings insurance policy could even help someone avoid a complete disaster – some conventional deals might not payout in full if somewhere which is empty is burnt to the ground in a fire, for example. With a specialist deal like this you can avoid assuming an older deal will be ok, and be safe in the knowledge the cover is tailored properly to the building's circumstances.