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Guest House Insurance

If you already own a guest house or are considering buying or setting one up, it is essential you have a specialist guest house insurance policy.

Whether you have just one guest or dozens, you will need this specialist type of insurance in order to protect your business  - and your reputation.

Won’t home insurance do?

Standard home insurance will not provide adequate cover for a guest house and if you have not told your insurance company you are using your home as a bed and breakfast (B&B) the likelihood is that they would decline any claim that may be made.

We have come across a number of customers who have found themselves in this position and significantly out of pocket when they tried to claim.

Not only that, but having the ‘wrong’ type of cover could also be seen as fraudulent, meaning that you may find it hard to get insurance and other financial products in the future (such as credit card and mortgages etc).

What does guest house insurance cover?

While insurance for your B&B will cover the same risks and hazards that are covered within a traditional owner-occupier home insurance policy, such as floods, fire, loss and damage to the buildings etc, it also provides additional cover specific to your needs as a business owner.

The benefits of having a typical guest house insurance policy are that you will receive cover for:

  • damage caused by guests;

  • public liability, including your guests;

  • guests’ personal belongings;

  • theft and weather damage leading to damage of property or loss of income.

Additional elements of cover

As well as the basic cover described above, these policies can be extended to include:

  • employer’s liability insurance;

  • stock such as food and drink, including wine and spirits;

  • business equipment; and

  • legal expenses insurance.

As a minimum, we would recommend that you obtain the employer’s liability extension if you employ staff (in 99% of cases this is also a legal obligation).

What isn’t covered?

As with all insurance policies, they may be circumstances that are not covered by your guest house insurance – these are called the exclusions. You must pay particular attention to the significant exclusions in any given insurance guest house insurance policy as this details what will you not be covered for.

Getting the most appropriate cover

When deciding which policy to buy it is very important you have the insurance cover you need to cover your livelihood. At UKinsuranceNET, we can provide help and guidance as to what policy most suits your needs – and help you find it at a competitive price.