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Non-Standard Home Insurance

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Non-standard property insurance

Do you have a non-standard home, or are you thinking of buying a building that requires specialist non-standard property insurance cover? Then you may be aware how difficult and expensive it can be to get the most appropriate insurance.

The good news is that at UKinsuranceNET can offer you comprehensive cover for your non-standard property needs – at what we believe is a very cost-effective price.

What is a non-standard property?

It might actually be easier to describe a property of standard construction instead. Typically this will be built to standard construction and design, using traditional materials. These might include walls built of brick or stone and a roof clad with tiles or slates.

A property of any other type of design or use of materials may be said to be a non-standard construction property. This includes – but is not limited to – thatched homes, listed and graded buildings, and homes with a unique design.

Other properties may also be classed as non-standard. These include high net worth value homes, properties that have previously suffered subsidence, and those that are vulnerable to flooding  – even if they have been built using traditional design and materials.

Typically, these types of properties or circumstances may be classed as non-standard:

  • Properties in a high flood risk area.
  • Unoccupied properties.
  • Non-standard constructions.
  • Criminal convictions.
  • Properties affected by subsidence.
  • Adverse claims experience.
  • Let properties.
  • Holiday homes.
  • Properties undergoing renovations.
  • Bespoke requests and requirements.
  • Flats/maisonettes and houses converted into flats/maisonettes.
  • Previous insurer declinature/cancellations/voidance.
  • High risk occupations.
  • Extended unoccupancy (such as you are working away from home or having a long holiday).
  • Listed properties.
  • Older properties.
  • Shared occupancy/lodgers.
  • Business use (but not commercial premises).
  • Bed and breakfast (but not guest house/hotel).

Why do you need specialist non-standard property insurance cover?

Non-standard property insurance typically provides the same elements of protection as a traditional buildings and contents insurance policy, except that it takes into account the things that make your property special.

So, if you have a high value property, for example, then the sum insured will typically reflect the higher value of your home and its contents. It may also offer additional contents cover options, such as higher single item value limits or cover for collectables (such as fine art insurance or wine insurance)

Read our guide to insurance for non-standard construction properties for further information.

Why choose UKinsuranceNET?

If you have a home that is classed as a non-standard property, then when come to buy buildings and contents insurance, you might find that:

  • Some insurers simply refuse to cover you.
  • Other insurers may provide only restricted cover (such as excluding cover for floods if you live in an area prone to flooding, for example).

Get an instant online quote in minutes. If you'd prefer to talk, call us now on 01325 346328.