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Home Improvement

We’ve got loads of Home Improvements that can drastically improve your home for next to nothing! Be sure that you’re keeping up with our blog for all the best tips.

House with scaffolding

Telling your insurance company when you are doing renovations

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

Are you planning to renovate your home or buy to let property? Plenty of property owners seem to have chosen to do so – avoiding the hassle and expense of…

13 April 2021
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Empty home

Maintaining your property

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

Whether it’s the home you live in, a buy to let investment, or a second home, if you own any property, you’ll know only too well how much of your…

02 April 2021
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Home energy-saving tips

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

Energy in the home – we couldn’t do without it. We might be reliant on the energy we consume but that’s no reason to be wasting what is, after all,…

16 March 2021
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Example of home renovation insurance

Home renovation: What you need to know about insurance

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

The majority of insurance policies – such as those for your home or your car – are widely understood and the benefits are readily appreciated. One exception to this rule…

10 February 2021
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subsidence home insurance

Signs of Subsidence

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

Subsidence results from the shrinkage or downward movement of the ground around the foundations of a building. As the ground moves, the foundations are in peril of failing and the…

27 April 2020
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Trees in a forest

Essential Property Repairs this Winter

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

So far, so good, the run-up to this winter remains reasonably mild. But who knows what the weather has to bring once the days are past their shortest and storms,…

19 December 2015
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spider web

11 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

We’ve all heard different stories- Spiders invading homes- Spiders as big as mice found- People being bitten by spiders- Spiders being imported from abroad. Some of us, just don’t like…

25 September 2015
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A home that has been transformed

Great Ideas to Transform Your Home

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

For some of us, our home has looked the same for years. A lot of the time, we would never think of knocking out a wall or changing the room…

11 July 2015
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Two new and old properties

Should I Buy a New or an Old Property?

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

With more than 160,000 new properties popping up across cities and towns in the UK every year, most people are jumping at the chance to be the first in the…

20 June 2015
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House model made from grass

How Going Green Can Save You Money

By UKinsuranceNET in Home Improvement

These days we can’t escape from the concept of going green. We all want to save the planet and money, but it can be difficult to get into the swing…

24 November 2014
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